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Braun + Adams work with SAW architecture to create a bright future for a young family

Photos are by Mikiko Kikuyama

“After 10 years of working with young growing families we’ve learned how practicality is equally as important as the beauty of a space. We strive to find that balance with no sacrifice to the end result.  And equally important still we want it to be a reflection of the clients taste and not just our own. Just like everyone has their own personality we want each of our projects to as well,” says Bay Area designer Kristina Braun of Braun + Adams on how they approach each project.

Photos are by Mikiko Kikuyama

They applied this way of thinking when working with SAW architecture to design a forever home for a busy young couple and their two young children. The 3,500-square-foot home was a full remodel with the goal of creating more open spaces with a flood of natural light. “The new layout involved a lot of architectural angles that are not common to work with,” says Braun. “A challenge but in the end part of what gave the home it’s unique character.”

The light in the breakfast nook is by Allied Maker. Photos are by Mikiko Kikuyama.

The long, narrow configuration and direct connection to the dining room, made it challenging to design a formal living room. “In the end, creating a separate and more casual seating area between the dining and formal living was the most practical solution for the client and lends for a great flow from one space to the next,” says Braun.

Photos are by Mikiko Kikuyama
The wall tile is from Ann Sacks. Photos are by Mikiko Kikuyama.

Braun and the team achieved a balance throughout while maintaining some form of separation in each room, by applying a consistent coat of white walls and touches of custom wood finishes. “We needed them all to balance nicely together without competing,” she notes. 

The sconces are by Lostine. Photos are by Mikiko Kikuyama.
Photos are by Mikiko Kikuyama
Photos are by Mikiko Kikuyama

Braun says of the big reveal, “We love how bright and airy it is, and how we have views of the outside greenery from so many angles in the room. The interiors don’t compete with the outside, and we love that everything is approachable, touchable, and not too precious — which is important since we have kids who have turned every piece of furniture we have into some kind of trampoline or fort at some point this year!”