Fun in the City


Jeffrey Neve infuses an S.F.pied-à-terre with exhilarating energy

Phillip Jeffries Urban views in Golden Gate wallpaper in the family room. Artwork is by Mark Seely found at Sloan Miyasoto.
Photos by Christopher Stark.

“We approach each client with a clean slate and no ego. We prefer to collaborate with our clients and have never subscribed to the ideology that our signature look is best,” says Bay Area designer Jeffrey Neve on his firm’s design mission. “We don’t necessarily have a signature look but we do love color and pattern!” But when designing this pied-à-terre in S.F. for a builder from the East Bay, Neve and his team pushed the client to embrace bold color and pattern.

Photos by Christopher Stark.

Designed by renowned architect Robert Rudeen, the two-bedroom, two-bath apartment sits inside the corner of The Palace at Washington Square, offering vast views of Alcatraz off the balcony and Saints Peter and Paul church. Having worked with the builder on several projects throughout the Bay Area, Neve was honored to curate a beautiful and vibrant second home for him in the city. “The client basically needed the apartment furnished and personalized.” he says. “He wanted it to have a very cool vibe and the Elvis wallpaper was the pilot for the entire project.”

Elvis wallpaper sets the fun tone for the home. Photos by Christopher Stark.
Kelly Wearstler’s District wallpaper in Tobacco in the guest room. Photos by Christopher Stark.

“Clients are much more willing to have fun and take chances in a second home,” says Neve about the design direction featuring bold moments throughout including a jewel-toned Kelly Wearstler wallpaper in the guest bedroom, a distressed Phillip Jeffries gold hex wallpaper in the main living space as well as other statement-making papers. “He wanted it to have a very cool vibe and the Elvis wallpaper was the pilot for the entire project.”

Raceway wallpaper in Amber from Drop it Modern in Principal bedroom. Photos by Christopher Stark.

“I feel we achieved taking a shell of an apartment and bringing it to life,” says Neve. “Everything was warm and friendly and definitely fun.” And the client felt Neve and his team realized his desired goal to create a modern, comfortable space where he can throw a cocktail or a Superbowl party.