Ryan Saghian Flips Out In Beverly Grove


Ryan Saghian, one L.A.’s most in-demand interior designers, has accumulated an impressive list of notable and celebrity clients, plus an extensive product repertoire that ranges across ceramic tile, wallpaper, tabletop, to rugs and furniture. And now he has a new project under his belt—the recent flip of a residential property in Beverly Grove. While everyone speaks of dream projects, this one clearly was, and it sold quickly after hitting the market earlier this year. “Flipping lets me bring to life the design stories that come to me, without the filter of a client’s preferences,” he notes.

Photos by Barcelo Photography

Beverly Grove is a charming 1920s neighborhood adjacent to Beverly Hills; Saghian’s project is a standout example of the area’s traditional architectural heritage.

Photos by Barcelo Photography

The house was almost completely gutted and remade in a process that took ten months (including permitting) and when asked if he’d do it again, Saghian’s response was “In a heartbeat! I loved the entire process and learned so much as the sole owner and client.” 

The spaces still retain their handsome traditional proportions, with a neutral chromatic palette of oak plank floors and walls in Saghian’s signature Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore, but he devoted a great deal of effort (and budget) to the kitchen and baths. Saghian created an elegantly modulated setting that a potential buyer could easily imagine living in—especially after being staged by Vesta.

With its splendid La Cornue range and custom oak woodwork fabricated by Structa, the luxe but minimalist kitchen has no overhead cabinets, giving it wide open and welcoming proportions.

Photos by Barcelo Photography
The powder room is paved in Saghian’s own brass inlaid concrete tiles. Photos by Barcelo Photography

Above, the powder room is paved in Saghian’s own brass inlaid concrete tiles.The formula and philosophy I used are attainable,” he notes. “Know where to splurge and where to save. You don’t have to be the wealthiest person to have a beautiful place to live.”