Soaring to New Heights


Gordon + Greineder revitalize a Victorian home in Pacific Heights with modern character

Built in 1873, this traditional Victorian in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood looked quaint from the outside, but told a different story inside. An aggregation of psychedelic wallpapers and a chaotic layout, the Gordon + Greineder team was up for the challenge to strip each space back to basics and remodel the home, in addition to adding 1,000 square feet.

Working in tandem with Marsh & Clark Design and Cairn Construction, the first feat began in the kitchen, that was a neglected, cramped box full of mis-matched cabinets and old tile. The firm started by restoring a stunning crown molding that paid homage to the home’s roots. New amenities include marble countertops, modern appliances and a metal bakers rack.

A custom butler’s pantry was installed between the kitchen and formal dining room featuring grand cabinetry, decorative leaded glass and generous double doors to the kitchen encouraging flow between the front and back of the house.

In an effort to maintain most of the home’s original footprint and essence, the firm opened the entry foyer to the formal living room, installed an intricate leaded glass design in the existing oval skylight above the main stair and restored much of the Victorian plaster details.

The clever addition also significantly increased the size of the master suite with a much more spacious bathroom, walk-in closet and a private deck, providing South- facing sweeping views of San Francisco.

Just below the deck, Gordon + Greineder expanded the lower level footprint in order to create a new family room equipped with a bar for the family’s on-going entertaining and open access to lush, landscaped garden.

Gordon + Greineder was able to inject new life into this classic Victorian home by adding more light, space and teall while preserving the integrity of the original architecture, creating a masterful example of how the past and present can speak the same language