Step inside the 2021 Virtual San Francisco Decorator Showcase


Sit back, relax and enjoy a tour of the 2021 virtual San Francisco Decorator Showcase, presented by Steelblue. The exquisite all-virtual tour features 3D renderings from ten of the West Coast’s leading interior design firms who reimagined rooms by creating their own exceptional virtual visions for 1080 Chestnut Street, a luxurious Russian Hill penthouse with 360° views of San Francisco and its iconic landmarks. “New Perspectives” will open online to the public on Saturday, May 22, 2021. There is no cost to view but donations to help support San Francisco University High School Financial Aid Program are gratefully accepted.  


“Creating space and reverence for the experience of art is always top of mind in our designs. Every decision is made with that principal tenet in mind. We are honored to present our homage to the critical role of art in our intimate lives, our cultural and social dialogue, and the ways in which we understand our current and future paths as human beings. Our spaces highlight the important work of three artists with ties to the Bay Area – Erica Deeman, Isaac Julien, and Lava Thomas. The work of these artists is grounded in matters of the human condition and asks the viewer to consider how we’ve arrived at this time and place, and what is our collective path forward. We’ve entitled our installation ‘This Very Hour’ in reference to a speech given by Frederick Douglass on July 5, 1852, and also referenced in Isaac Julien’s insightful and moving art installation work entitled ‘The Lessons of the Hour’. We hope this work inspires people to engage in critical dialogue and consider their impact on the world around them.”

A Chattel Becomes a Man (Lessons of the Hour), 2019 by Isaac Julien. Courtesy of the artist and Jessica Silverman Gallery.
Rendering by Steelblue.

These intimate and elegant portraits challenge traditional ideas of beauty, honor, and truth. Featured art: Work from the Brown series by Erica Deeman. Courtesy of the artist and Anthony Meier Fine Arts. Rendering by Steelblue.


“After a year of refuge and reflection, we are gently moving towards a mode of normalcy where hugs and handshakes will replace elbow bumps,” said Susan Collins, Studio Collins Weir.  “We envisioned a home where friends will soon gather over tables of carefully prepared food, glasses will clink and conversations will sparkle. Our spaces, rendered in simple plaster, wood and natural stone, along with judicious pops of color, imbue the home with a sense of tranquil optimism and art that captivates the soul.”

A Brasilia S by Michel Boyer for Ozone, Bright on Presidio hangs above a breakfast table in the kitchen.
Rendering by Steelblue.
The Les Cordes by Mathieu Lehanneur from Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery shines in the dining room.
Rendering by Steelblue.


“For the 2021 San Francisco Decorator Showcase we were inspired to create an homage to 1960’s-1970’s luxury high-rise living. The building was built in 1962 so it seemed very appropriate to go this route. Think back to the movie interiors of that era reimagined for today. The living room’s centerpiece is a recreation of Ennio Chiggio’s Environ One sofa that establishes a zone for entertaining, one of several important and distinctive furnishings duplicated for the room. The large contemporary painting is by Julie Mehretu. The artist’s inspired technique of figurative layering of time and historical influences pays tribute to the abstract expressionism and the digital age of society. The Bar welcomes you with a stone sculptural island that is in itself an art piece. Here the host can serve cocktails while friends lounge on the mustard floating banquettes and the teal carousel. Another recreation of an important piece by Verner Panton, the Easy Sofa from 1963. Walls and ceilings are clad in 3D sculptural backlit wood panels. The focus of the Bar is a significant digital piece called “ENSO”- a spatial calligraphy method that expresses depth and speed of the brushstroke.”

A sofa by Ennio Chiggio sits under custom pendants by Johanna Grawunder.
Rendering by Steelblue.
A custom bar covered in marble from DaVinci Marble, steels the show.
Rendering by Steelblue.


“Our room was inspired by the ever changing colors of the sky, hills and water of the bay. We wanted to create a family gathering space that took advantage of the beautiful San Francisco vistas while being focused on comfort, family conversation and handcrafted one of a kind furnishings.”

A sofa by Vincenzo De Cotiis, available through Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery, sits atop a rug by Shiir Rugs.
Rendering by Steelblue.
Felted wall hanging by Fog & Furry, available through De Sousa Hughes, shines n the corner.
Rendering by Steelblue.
The Holt bookcase by Caste Design sits behind the Eileen Chair by Charlotte Biltgen. Rendering by Steelblue.


“In light of the recent pandemic, a room such as this has become important for modern families. I was inspired to create an inviting, impactful and intimate space where one could work, read, lounge and entertain.”  

A custom Design by Sindhu Peruri sits below an Enda Scott coffee table from Todd Merrill.
Rendering by Steelblue.
An Apparatus sconce hangs between two custom workstations. Rendering by Steelblue.


“When tasked with the design of a bedroom suite, tucked amidst the clouds of our fair city, we looked to those references, and interpreted them into a space that strives to be at once simple and intricate; both serene and layered, with the depth and edges of local artisans’ work,”

A bed by Minotti are flanked by a pair of custom nightstands inspired by c. 1960 Sven Larson design.
Rendering by Steelblue.

PRINCIPAL CLOSET BY APPLEGATE TRAN INTERIORS: Cosmopolitan Fashionista with Downtown Flair

“Our dressing room was inspired by an international stylist who is known for effortlessly fusing couture with the avant-garde. Her timeless elegance and sophistication informed the material and color palettes, and her femininity and confident edge imbue the room’s ambiance. Soft curves in furnishings contrast angled architectural elements, and lustrous materials support lush textures. It’s a place for you to enjoy her passion and curate her collection.”

The closet system by Poliform create modern glamour. Rendering by Steelblue.
A chandelier by Hersh Lighting sheds light on a custom ottoman covered in fabric from Zak + Fox. Rendering by Steelblue.


“Our celestial guest room is a welcoming space that combines the luxurious functionality of a well-appointed hotel with the intimacy and comfort of a home. The essentials: a lofty bed with crisp sheets, a plush chair for reading or napping, and a spacious bathroom stocked with amenities. The guest room should also serve as a canvas for creativity, taking more provocative moves with color and art. Get in bed and dream big!”

A Porter Teleo wallcovering on the ceiling complements the unique Mazzega Floor Lamp from
Nilufar Gallery. Rendering by Steelblue.

GUEST ROOM BY CHROMA: Time Time Being Bedroom

Rendering by Steelblue
Rendering by Steelblue


Shoshin (初心) is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’smind.” The concept holds that those who approach life with few preconceptions will be open to new ideas and perspectives.

“As Amara, the homeowner, transitions into Shoshin, the strong white provides a contemporary neutral that calms her mind and opens her spirit. Her toes touch the oak floor, grounding her, as she salutes the circular orb of thread by Emil Lukas, which reminds her that we’re all a little celestial. The Tibetan singing bowls reverberate from their custom nooks as she focuses forward, fusing the balancing power of the naturally made quartz with the human-made manifestations of the Buddha. As she transitions from Meditation to Yoga to Pilates, her mind traverses her body’s curves like the hanging fabric that mimics the Seven Hills of San Francisco’s topography. As her workout ends and she gains clarity, Amara always leaves a few minutes to sit in the sunroom suspended in her swinging chair by Dedon. Like the plants around her, the sunlight provides photosynthesis as she greets the morning, a new day, with new possibilities, a beginner again. It’s funny how sometimes the smallest of rooms can lead to the greatest expanse.”

The ceiling is covered in layers of Coraggio fabric while Antique Buddhas, Gong and Tibetan singing bowls rest below.
Rendering by Steelblue.