Striking Distance


San Francisco -based Maria Haidamus works her magic on a La Jolla home

Photos by Paul Dyer

The proliferation of home decor tv shows have made the work of an interior designer look deceptively easy. That was certainly the lesson that one retired couple learned when they started to decorate their new home in La Jolla. They quickly realized it was a task better suited to a professional.  

They saw the work of interior designer Maria Haidamus online and invited her to fly down and see the home. It only took a few minutes — a brief walkthrough, a quick chat, a glance at her portfolio — to realize she was the one. But, as in many romances, there was an obstacle to overcome: the five hundred miles that separates San Francisco to La Jolla. Fortuitously, technology closed the distance. Pinterest, Skype, texts and emails were exploited to facilitate the process of working remotely.

“My aesthetic is influenced by global travel and Middle Eastern and European design,” explains Haidamus, who acknowledges that her work starts with the client, “I want to understand their goals and sensibilities, how they live and how they utilize their space.” The clients, frequent travelers, wanted a comfortable home that would be a restful respite between trips. They also wanted a house where they could easily welcome guests eager to hear about their latest adventure. 

“I always strive to preserve the architectural integrity of the home,” continues Haidamus. “I make recommendations to improve flow, layout and overall functionality of a space.”

Against white walls, a palette of soft beiges, browns and blues in unusual patterns and in intriguing textures are the tranquil backdrop against which a carefully edited selection of the client’s artwork and eclectic treasures stand out. The result is a home that is at once tranquil and intriguing, calm and sophisticated.