Surf’s Up


Designer Lisa Slayman partnered with Eggersmann to create a cozy kitchen inside a contemporary beach abode.

A nine-foot-wide stainless-steel hood by Vent-a-Hood that is centered above a 60- inch Wolf range. Photos by John Ellis.

When designing an expansive kitchen inside a 9,500-square-foot spec property located on Ocean Boulevard in Corona Del Mar, designer Lisa Slayman knew she needed to complement the home’s modern design while enhancing the warm beach vibes just outside. However, when there is no homeowner driving the decisions, the designer must infuse personality while creating somewhat of a tonal background. “With a $25M price tag, I knew the buyer would be wealthy and well-versed in art, design and architecture,“ says Slayman. “That is the person I kept in mind during the planning and selection process.”

Eggersmann’s seamless and efficient solutions offer maximum organization. Photos by John Ellis.

Finding the perfect partner to create a custom kitchen with clean lines that wasn’t too shiny and sterile was key. “It was important for me to use a lineal veneer with a more natural look, which resulted in the selection of a vertical grain oak,” notes the designer. Slayman turned to the iconic German kitchen design and distribution company Eggersmann for their custom solutions and innovative materials. “Lisa had plans and finishes in mind already but our strong point with Eggersmann is customization to match an existing set, so we were able to duplicate and do everything she wanted,” says Brian Allen, Eggersmann LA showroom director. “There are warm sandy tones found in the limestone floors that run throughout the interior and exterior spaces while the home’s very modern, angular shapes and overall clean and simple aesthetic made the Eggersmann products a perfect fit.”

Eggersmann fabricated custom storage for dishware and wine storage. Photos by John Ellis.

The focal point in the room is a stunning nine-foot-wide stainless- steel hood by Vent-a-Hood that is centered above a 60-inch Wolf range. The innovative piece hangs on a dramatic white marble backsplash, drawing one’s eye directly to the kitchen. The surrounding custom- stained wood cabinetry, which was not a standard in the Eggersmann collection, connects to the finish of the casework present throughout the home. Unlike most spec design, the home’s thoughtful details stand out during showings. Slayman notes, “The whole house is amazing, which is why I really wanted to give it character and dimension.”