Taking New Shape


Shapeside by Genna Margolis takes this L.A. home from cold to cool

In the living room, a Christopher Farr rug sits below a stone table. Photo by Amy Bartlam.

“One of my biggest design goals is to make a home feel warm and approachable while keeping it minimal and interesting. Whenever I start a new project my first thought is how do I make it warmer without it being overly designed and how do I functionally bring the rooms all together cohesively,” says designer Genna Margolis, founder and principal designer of L.A.-based firm Shapeside. She applied her design process when helping a young family add warmth to their contemporary home that provided refuge during the lockdown. “My clients were working from home thanks to pandemic and have two daughters so there was always a lot going on at the house,” she notes. “They are very clean and organized, so although the house does get a lot of use it was really important to them that the house always looks well maintained. Which means using durable materials wherever necessary.”

Wall-to-wall shear drapes and warm wood floors make the open floor plan feel more cozy. Photo by Amy Bartlam.
The powder room features a deep blue wallcovering. Photo by Amy Bartlam.

The 3,700-square foot home had the standard open plan and high ceilings which provide a spacious flow but a cold energy throughout. “The goal was to bring it all together considering it was very open and make the space feel more intimate,” she notes. “One of the most significant changes we achieved was adding a lot of interest within the more basic layouts.” Margolis and the team achieved this by installing expansive custom sheer curtains in the main living spaces. “It was really cool to design with that concept, as it allowed me to do something that I’ve never done before, which was hanging art from the ceiling that sits above the dining room console,” she says. “It was risky installing it but it was all worth it! It really gives the the space a special touch.”

The clients own an extensive art collection which was a top priority when deciding the overall colors in the home and placement. “I think the biggest challenge we faced was figuring out where to place the living room and dining room,” says Margolis. “It’s completely open in an almost circle-like configuration with rooms on all three sides. We had to really play around with what works best.”

In the primary bedroom, Niche lighting flanks the bed topped in Parachute Home bedding. Photo by Amy Bartlam.

The final result is a sophisticated, cool home fit for a busy family with great taste. Margolis notes oof the final reveal, “They were so excited to see it all come to life! The design process can be long especially with lead times these days so to finally see the pieces all in was incredibly gratifying.”