The Metamorphosis


Studio MTN transforms an expansive spec home with warmth and attention to detail

In the entry, Studio MTN worked with Cox London for months with multiple rounds to complete the custom chandelier that is 18 ft long. Photos by Shade Degges.

“The design process itself was a testament to the firm’s dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence,” says Sierra Fox, founder of Studio MTN about their work inside this 11,000-square-foot L.A. spec home. “Through three to four rounds of sourcing and styling, Studio MTN skillfully integrated a myriad of locally-sourced treasures from L.A. to handpicked pieces sourced from Europe. Studio MTN’s seamless fusion of personalized design elements, artisanal craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation for history and culture created a space that is truly a feast for the senses.”

The living room features sofas by Vladimir Kagan, the coffee table is by Roman and WIlliams Guild and the sconces are from Apparatus. The rug is from Marc Phillips. Photos by Shade Degges.

The goal was to infuse the residence with elegance that was still durable for the family’s three children who were all under the age of ten. “The collaboration between Studio MTN and the homeowner unfolded organically, beginning with a modest request to design the three children’s bedrooms,” she recalls. “The client sought a design that would reflect their personality and individual style. They desired an interior that would feel distinctly theirs, with elements that resonated with their preferences, interests and personal history.”

The powder room features wallpaper from Fromental, sconces by Apparatus and a vintage mirror.
Photos by Shade Degges.
In the dining room, the credenza is from BDDW, the rug is by woven and the chairs are by De La Vega. Photos by Shade Degges.

Fox notes, “One of the project’s standout features is the hand-painted wall mural gracing the dining room, an enhancing masterpiece that sets the tone for the entire home.” The team flew in a mural artist to bring this exclusive detail to life, who worked sun up to sun down for 16 days until it was complete. “There are many stories within the art piece including one square with three trees, representing each child in the family,” she remarks.

In the office the desk is custom and the stools are from Lawson-Fenning. The pendants are by Apparatus.
Photos by Shade Degges.
The custom bed is flanked by nightstands from DISC Interiors and lamps from Studio Dunn.
Photos by Shade Degges.

Luckily the clients had exquisite taste and reveled in the team’s sophisticated selections, but needed the fabrics and finishes to be durable for the everyday wear and tear that happens with young kids. “We had to be thoughtful about where to splurge on silk wallpaper or custom murals versus grasscloths, specialty fabrics versus high performance, and tried to work with pieces that would take on a beautiful patina over time so that kids touching and using would enhance instead of take away from the beauty of the day to day items,” Fox says.

Photos by Shade Degges.
In the basement there is a library that features Pierre Augstin Rose chairs found at Garde and the custom rug by Armadillo. Photos by Shade Degges.

No detail was left untouched throughout. Each space is cozy, cool and full of enveloping textures that add layers of warmth and dimension. “The client’s reaction was overwhelmingly positive,” Fox recalls. “They were amazed at how Studio MTN perfectly captured their vision and brought it to life to exceed their expectations. They felt like the interior truly reflected their personality and preferences, making it a truly unique and personalized space that they could proudly call their own.”                                                                

In the media room, Stephen Kenn sofas that can be converted into twin size beds are covered in Holland and Sherry fabric. The ottomans are covered in Kilim rugs from Lawrence of La Brea. Photos by Shade Degges.
The custom bar features plumbing from Waterworks and barstools from Thomas Hayes. Photos by Shade Degges.