The Showstopper


When tasked with renovating a 7,000-square-foot historic Tudor house, designer Monica Fried knew the kitchen would play a pivotal role in how the clients felt about their new home. “We wanted to make sure that the new kitchen fit the character and charm of the home while still being modern, chic and super functional,” she recalls of the initial approach to the overall design.

They turned to L’Atelier Paris to find a range that would appease the homeowners’ passion for cooking while also guiding the design direction for the rest of the kitchen. “Our clients are avid cooks and entertainers,” she notes. “The entire kitchen design started with the selection of the stove—we really wanted to find something very functional that was also gorgeous and old world. I showed my clients the L’Atelier stove and they fell in love.”

In the kitchen, a La Provencale 65-inch range by L’Atelier is composed of four gas burners, an electric smooth griddle, a Coup de Feu and two large convection electric ovens. The range is surrounded by custom cabinetry by All Star Cabinetry and lights by Allied Maker.
Photos by Nicole Franzen.

The goal was to carve out ample space for a gracious kitchen where the clients could host multiple family members and friends. Fried and her team devised a large island and generous counters covered in a dramatic black-veined Arabescato marble. Two sink areas—one under a large picture window, the other across from the range—were installed for efficient cooking.

The showstopper is the noir matte La Provencale 65-inch range with four gas burners, an electric griddle, a Coup de Feu and two large electric ovens and a plaster hood. “The L’Atelier stove was definitely our most significant selection,” Fried says. “We framed the stove with windows and kept the upper cabinets to a minimum. The curved plaster hood and the gorgeous Arabescato marble complete the look and make the stove the focal point of the kitchen. Our clients are thrilled and have already put the stove and the kitchen to good use!”