True Colors


Studio Heimat curates a gallery in the San Francisco sky

A custom table by Godar Furniture is surrounded by a set of vintage chairs covered in fabric from Kirkby Design and Clarence House. Photos by John Merkl.

“We believe a home is a unique interaction between our physical space and the beings that live within that environment. This particular interaction results in memories and moments that impact us for years to come and become a part of our narrative,” says Eva Muller Bradley, co-founder of Studio Heimat. When tasked with the opportunity to define a space within San Francisco’s luxury condo building—181 Fremont—they honed in on their client’s love of art, color and activism, making a bold statement.

Photos by John Merkl.
A vertically hung trio of portraits by Jennifer Pochinski add color to the soft, modern kitchen.
Photos by John Merkl.

“In this project, we tried to envelop our client in a feeling of warmth, and color, a feast for the eyes in texture, pattern and hue,” says Bradley’s partner Alicia Cheung on the overall approach to this 1,600-square-foot high-rise apartment. “She is extremely warm, very passionate about specific charitable causes benefiting women and children. She is a champion of artists and creatives and is a lover of fashion.”

A bold statement was made in the hallway with the painting of a green malachite decorative treatment by Caroline Lizarraga Decorative Painting. Photos by John Merkl.
Studio Heimat created mini canvases in the closet hardware with custom paintings by Caroline Lizarraga Decorative Painting. Photos by John Merkl.

Having worked with the client on two prior projects, they took cues from her vivacious style and focused on blending bold color throughout. “Our inspiration is always art—and luckily for us—our client has a great eye and an extensive art collection that we curated,” Bradley notes. “The artwork, composed and arranged to fit the space, really gives the home a fun yet approachable vibe.”

A vibrant blue painting by Gary Rudell served as the inspiration for the master bedroom palette including bedding details from Kravet. Photos by John Merkl.
Bold marble veins make an impact in the master bathroom. Photos by John Merkl.

Each room—bathrooms included–serve as a gallery for the art while maintaining a sophisticated style and functional flow. The existing shell lacked luster and efficient storage for the client’s expansive collection of clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry. They began by infusing the space with colorful details including a hallway covered in a green malachite decorative treatment by Caroline Lizarraga Decorative Painting.

A vintage stool covered in Romo fabric offers the perfect seat for the compact vanity.
Photos by John Merkl.
A bold painting by Jennifer Pochinski adds a punch of color in the guest bedroom.
Photos by John Merkl.

The focus then turned to maximizing the storage. They transformed a den into an expanded master, walk-in closet, equipped with, “a vanity that seamlessly fits into the window area- and it feels like you’re putting your makeup on, floating in the sky,” Cheung notes.

Photos by John Merkl.
More custom decorative painting by Caroline Lizarraga.
Photos by John Merkl.

In the master bedroom, they designed a custom headboard with integrated nightstands made of thick stainless steel material that have outlets built-in. “There was a fair amount of electrical work to coordinate to make that come to life,” says Bradley.

Mini hardware canvases by Caroline Lizarraga. Photos by John Merkl.

The final result is a gallery that feels as if it’s floating in the San Francisco sky. “Our client was thrilled to move in and be settled,” Cheung says. “She enjoyed the way we curated her artwork together, particularly over the sectional in the living room.”