Working The Angles


A dated kitchen is transformed into a modern stunner that suits a family of six

To reimagine a kitchen with challenging angles, the eggersmann team removed soffits and a colum and then installed full-height cabinetry featuring Nano Grigio Matte and Fineline Grigio Wood. Photos by Tim Maloney.

For clients who had grown to dislike their “choppy and dated” kitchen, the team at eggersmann—the German brand known for its bespoke luxury kitchens—achieved the seemingly impossible: They created a space that the couple now loves, despite its peculiar angles, without knocking down any walls. Prioritizing a modern aesthetic and the lifestyle of a busy family of six, the West Hollywood showroom removed unnecessary elements and added practical ones.

Working within the existing walls, some key updates set the stage for the transformation. For starters, the ceiling was raised. Eliminating the tiered soffits and a column that previously landed in the island were game-changers as well, clearing the way for a simpler, clean-lined design. Installing full-height cabinetry and extending it across the entire back wall, through the breakfast area, produced much-needed additional storage while also achieving the impression of a grander room.

The clients lived in the home throughout the renovation, which allowed for a slow reveal of the newly designed venue. Although they were privy to the progress along the way, the vast difference between the before and after still left them in disbelief. By implementing an elegant gray, brass and marble scheme, eggersmann conjured a kitchen that is equal parts form and function, where the husband and wife and their four young children can comfortably spend copious amounts of time.