Wheel-Thrown Mirrors


California Ceramist Erin Hupp creates pieces for many settings including some of the state’s most talked about restaurants. Recently she unveiled a collection of wheel-spun mirrors that range in size from 4 to 11 inches in diameter, are made of hand-cut glass (in varying colors). “My art exists to draw you closer to slow moments of connection to your surroundings, your home, the restaurant you dine in, and the food you eat,” says Hupp. “These mirrors are meant to be a portal. Through my mirrors, experience glimpses of fabrics, colors, textures, art, light, and the people present in the room. They’re meant to ground you by focusing our attention on the details of the room you’re in, the time you’re currently experiencing. I constantly have to work to feel present and grounded in the moment. Our attention is called elsewhere by news, social media, phone, and email. My portals are meant to bring you home.”