The Romance Of Concrete And Steel In Laurel Canyon, $1.875M


Since the 1950s, Laurel Canyon has been a neighborhood of innovative architecture, and this new project by the architecture firm Mutuo joins that long tradition. Tasked by the developer to create three homes on a steep downslope, the firm placed the homes dramaticaly against a 20-foot-high retaining wall, creating room for deeply shaded patios, plus extensive roof decks, for an abundance of outdoor space.

The simple palette of materials, with cedar shingles, whitewashed shotcrete (a type of industrial grade stucco) and blackened steel, all evoke a mood rarely seen in the Hollywood Hills.

Walls of board-formed concrete (partly concealed on the exteriors by cedar shingles) dominate the interior’s first and second levels.

What We Love: Aside from being total pushovers for well-executed board-formed concrete, enjoying the opportunity to view the progress on Mutuo’s construction blog for the entire project. Like Christmas for construction geeks.

Light, and the most common materials, skillfully deployed and finished.

More: Additional information and details at the listing for 8870 Wonderland Avenue, a 3-bed, 2-bath, 3-car-garage residence, asking $1,875,000, and represented by Barry Gray and Mariko McKittrick at the architecture specialist firm Deasy Penner Podley. Also available is the adjacent 8868 Wonderland Avenue, a 2-bed, 3-bath, 3-car garage residence asking $1,815,000.