Jae Omar Creates ŌNIN, The Ultimate Japanese Modern Farmhouse, $26M


No one is better at synthesizing the natural world and luxury living than designer Jae Omar, and ŌNIN, his new project in Encino’s Royal Oaks enclave is the perfect culmination of that aesthetic. Taking his cues from an extraordinary period of peace and creativity in 14th Century Japan, he has created a setting of seamless craftsmanship and serenity. 

“I’m in constant awe of how elements in nature are so fiercely independent and yet so completely interdependent. The sky, mountains, sand and trees: Each part not only survives within but contributes to the delicate balance of the larger picture. My entire life in design is trying to achieve that.”

With a ceiling of rift-sawn oak and crossed by a glass bridge connecting the upper story suites, the central foyer is accessed through 14-foot high doors. The main living area (at top) looks out to a lush walled garden and a 65-foot swimming pool, and close by, an open kitchen with elm cabinets. There’s also a second service kitchen.

Just one component in a collection of extraordinary spaces, the principal bedroom suite centers around an atrium clad in shou sugi ban finished cedar, the ancient Japanese technique of flaming and brushing wood.

Below, the dressing room is clad in a wall of seamlessly hidden oak doors, and if you look closely, note that the seemingly monolithic marble counter actually has drawers faced in stone.

Spacious, spa-style baths have long been a hallmark of luxury living in LA. ŌNIN actually has its own spa, adjacent to the gym on the lower level.

ŌNIN is currently being offered for sale at $26 Million with Sally Forster Jones of Compass & Adi Livyatan of Rodeo Realty.

Photo Credit: Tyler Hogan