Out on the Town: Healing Through Sound and Art at Custom Comfort

Custom Comfort hosted a sound and art installation with Roxie Sarhangi. The showroom was transformed into a warm candle-lit escape, with pink roses blanketing the floor, and the walls adorned with fine art. On the front stage, decorated with billowy blankets resembling clouds, Roxie Sarhangi connected sound healing with fine art by welcoming guests to release into the present moment and allow for a period of transcendence and grounding. The experience began with meditation and continued with the sounds of quartz crystal bowls, an ocean drum, gong, and other healing instruments. More than 40 guests spread out on plush, all-natural mattresses for the experience. 

Blue by Roxie Sarhangi, Roxie Fine Art

The candlelight ceremony


Gary Trudell, Roxie Sarhangi, Nejhla Nahani


Isla Schmidt, Gary Trudell, Nejhla Nahadi

The evening gave a reprieve from the bustling LA energy to unwind, relax, and surrender. “Roxie worked her magic,” says Isla Schmidt of Custom Comfort.  “It was such a special evening of positivity and calming vibes. We hope to have quarterly sound baths that we can open up to the community to nourish and refresh the soul.”

Lauren Nicole Mitchell, Laiza Cors, Roxie Sarhangi


Nancy Sullivan, Christine Anderson, Jennifer Convy, Wendy Williams, Kam Kamran

The art installation by Roxie Sarhangi, Roxie Fine Art is available for public viewing at Custom Comfort through March 1, 2019.  Custom Comfort is located at 8919 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood CA.

Rachael Pierce, Guest, Roxie Sarhangi, Peggy Platner


Roxie Sarhangi and Gulla Jonsdottir

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