Opening Tonight: Women in Windows


Making a big debut tonight is Women in Windows, a multi-part video installation placed throughout the windows and storefronts of Chinatown’s historic Chung King Road by Los Angeles-based curator Zehra Ahmed which focuses on the confluence of culture, religion and society in an exploration of female identity. Each video art piece will challenge the many current definitions of femninity, by six female artists including Alima Lee, Arshia Fatima Haq, Gazelle Samizay, Jasdeep Kang, Muna Malik and Yumna Al-Arashi.  

“The Girl Who Walks” by Jasdeep Kang

The mission of this dynamic series is to redefine the perspective of female worth. From advertisments to peep shows, women (especially women of color), are often subject to objectification and explotation for cultural and economical consumption. Women In Windows is produced and curated by Zehra Ahmed and is supported by Automata Arts, Chungking Studio, General Lee’s, Imprint Projects, The Institute for Art and Olfaction, Lisa Derrick Fine Arts, Poetic Research Bureau Preen Inc. and Press Friends.

“The Ascension” by Arshia Haq


Garden, 2017 by Alima Lee – in the windows of Imprint Projects and Chungking Studio The Ascension, 2018 by Arshia Fatima Haq in collaboration with Cassils – in the windowsof Poetic Research Bureau
Ravel, 2014 by Gazelle Samizay – in the windows of Lisa Derrick Fine Arts
Phiran Wali (The Girl Who Walks), 2019 by Jasdeep Kang – in the windows of Automata Arts Are You Here, 2019 by Muna Malik – in the windows of Preen Inc.
Shedding Skin, 2017 by Yumna Al-Arashi – in the windows of The Institute for Art and Olfaction

“Shedding Skin” by Yumna Al-Arashi


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