The Agenda: Anna Fidler + Cathy Lu, The Marin Arts and Crafts Show, A Week of Women in Food



Cathy Lu and Anna Fidler are known for utilizing bright colors, topographic energy portraits sculpted from layers of paper, and misshapen ceramic imitations. Their new exhibition at Johansson Projects is inspired by the ancient Chinese myth of the Immortal Peach Garden, showcasing works from Lu that transform the fruit into “beautifully grotesque, other worldly forms” and Fidler’s portraits of women offer a powerful, personal point of reference.

When: March 1, 2019
Where: Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA.

Tina Fossella Pottery.


The Marin Arts and Crafts Show features an array of exhibitors showcasing and selling handcrafted textiles, furniture, ceramics, and much, much more. The exhibits unite traditional techniques, natural colors, and sustainable materials.

When: March 1-3, 2019.
Where: Marin Center, San Rafael,CA.


Starting March 2, the Los Angeles Craft in America Center will debut “California Visionaries: Seminal Studio Craft, Featuring Works from the Forrest L. Merrill Collection.” The landmark exhibition will feature over 50 historic key works by many of the most influential and innovative Californian craft artists from the mid-twentieth century. Most notably, the exhibition will highlight the collection of Forrest L. Merrill who acquired his first work of art as a high school student and has since made a name for himself as an innovative and distinctive collector.

When: March 2-May 4, 2019
Where: Craft in America Center, Los Angeles:

Dolores Huerta signing up members at the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) founding convention, Fresno, Calif., Sept. 30, 1962. REQUIRED CREDIT: Joseph Francis Gunterman. Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.


From March 9 through July 7, Sacramento’s California Museum will feature “Dolores Huerta: Revolution in the Fields / Revolución en Los Campos,” a new traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution that explores the life and legacy of the legendary Latina activist. Huerta is known for advocating for farm workers’ rights in the 1960s and 1970s and for continuing to break down cultural and political barriers over the decades since. The exhibition will feature hands-on civic engagement activities and supplemental artifacts on loan from Huerta’s personal collection and other institutions.

When: March 9 – July 7, 2019. 
Where: The California Museum, Sacramento:


The theme of this year’s 24th Annual AIGA San Diego Y Design Conference is “What Happens When We Say, ‘Yes!'” and the lineup is sure to make attendees proclaim just that. The conference features stories of surprise successes, the learning that comes with failures, and all of the unknowns that lie in between. Speakers include Dan Kuhlken, Nathan Goldman, Andrea Small, and more. 

When: March 8-9, 2019
Where: The Alexandria, San Diego.


La Cocina’s chefs are collaborating with some big names in the Bay Area food scene to commemorate International Women’s Day. A Week of Women in Food is seven nights of ticketed dinners celebrating award-winning female chefs like Heena Patel (Besharam) and Hetal Shah (August 1 Five). 

When: March 3-9, 2019
Where: Various Bay Area restaurants:


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