Tech Talk: Discover Wescover


Successful hospitality experiences aren’t just driven by superb customer service. These days it’s the architecture and design details that transport one to another world, inspiring a shift in their own aesthetic. However, there is often little information on the furniture, lighting and art that help create that exclusive ambiance. In comes Wescover, a new design discovery platform that helps you find those rare objects through context-driven exploration.

The Arco Lounge by Project Sunday

With a mission to provide a deeper connection between people and places, Wescover helps tell the stories behind objects that impact our everyday lives. Whether in a hotel, a restaurant or a showroom, you can uncover more information on a coveted design piece from who made it, where it was made and where you can purchase.

Surf Wall Art by Pierce Meehan.Photo by Ryan Garvin,
Osso Chair by Mattiazzi

A recent traveler survey showed that 70% of millennial travelers decide where to stay based on the design of the space and 67% start decorating projects inspired by their recent stay when they return home. This new trend is inspiring more venues to work with designers and artists to create memorable, unique interiors. Often visitors are so inspired by these design elements, they end up purchasing from their experience. Wescover helps design-savvy travelers (and locals) find these environments and reveals the unique design elements they can bring home. Spend time researching your next design destination or get to know the next space you spend time in, on Wescover.

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