Designer Crush: Meg Joannides


As the principal of MLK Studio, Meg Joannides integrates global influences into a uniquely modern, elegant aesthetic for a wide array of clients. Her full-service interior design firm handles all aspects of ground-up construction projects as well as completed projects that just need a furnishing expert’s special touch. Learn more about the pro who caters to high-profile clients and companies below.

1. How did you get your start in design?
I always knew I wanted to be an interior designer (but was discouraged from studying design by my very academic parents).  I started studying business in college, but quickly moved colleges to study interior design. I simultaneously began working for a prominent interior designer in my home town, and she took me under her wing.  There was no turning back.

2. International influences play a big part in your work — where do you draw inspiration from?So much inspiration comes from my travels.  I recently designed a rug based upon a pathway that led from our hotel to the beach in Sardinia.  I spent many years working all over Europe, East Europe, and Asia, so just being exposed to various styles of architecture and interior design as well as culture has clearly had an influence in how I design.

3. How do you strike a balance between clean sophistication and comfort?
Sophistication does not have to be uncomfortable.  It is always my intention and goal to make all rooms in the house comfortable.  Some rooms might demand more elegance and sophistication than others, but comfort is critical!

4. What’s your process for getting to know a client?
The process usually involves very early on a visit to their current home, in order to get a sense of how they live.  Then visits to any specific projects of mine that might be relevant to what they are looking for.  Follow up visits to my office to meet staff and see our environment, and by then I usually comfortable that we are getting a sense of who the clients are.

5. Describe a particularly memorable project.
We were hired to do the interior design for a 40,000 square foot villa on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai for one of the ruler’s sons.  Although we never met him, we did travel to Dubai twice for presentations to his staff. It was my first time in the Middle East and it was thrilling and quite memorable!

6. What’s your ideal vacation?
There would be many ideal vacations, but any destination that I have not been to before, that includes a bit of culture and a bit of relaxation.  I am currently looking into a trip to Uganda with my kids that will also include volunteer work.


7. Netflix or night out?
Current mood with all this rain:  Netflix.

8. Heels or sneakers?
Well, if yesterday is a typical day it was heels for a job interview and a quick change into sneakers for a job site visit.

9. Ice cream or fro yo?
If I had to choose, then fro yo, but anyone who knows me knows I would rather eat a jar of olives!

10. Early bird or night owl?
That depends on where I am.  Living in L.A., I am more of an early bird, but if I am In N.Y.C. or Greece, I go with the flow and become a night owl.

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