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Getting to the heart of Cooper Pacific Kitchens

Photo by Meghan Beierle-Ob’Brien

IN 1979, NEIL COOPER applied his construction experience to a Minnesota- based business that focused on design build for single-family residences. Neil Cooper Homes was a family affair from the start— Cooper’s 14-year-old son, Steven, was the official bookkeeper. Five years later, the family moved to California, where Steven earned his finance degree, Neil opened Cooper Pacific Kitchens in West Hollywood and father and son teamed up full-time.

In the decades since, Steven, his wife Giselle and the Cooper Pacific Kitchens team have continued to create unique, custom kitchens that resonate with clients. And while the design business has changed, the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction remains its core guiding principle. “We truly feel that to maintain our high standards of luxury, we must pursue an ever-continuing education, along with constant research and development on product and design influence,” Steven says. “Clients have become much more educated and interested in the details that go into each project. This makes for an exciting and collaborative time to be in kitchen design!” One way Steven stays true to his father’s mission while remaining open to innovation is by collaborating with skilled craftspeople. “Instead of being reliant on a brand or a system, as most kitchen companies in the design space do, we take tremendous pride in working with artisans who will execute our truly custom designs and provide product of the absolute highest quality,” he says. “As a family business, particularly with roots in the Midwest, we bring the added element of personal involvement.”

As for the future, Steven foresees integrating cutting-edge concepts while maintaining his father’s legacy. “We’re tremendously inspired right now by using metal and faux-metal finishes in both traditional and contemporary design,” he says. “We’re also working on a new luxury display in our showroom in the Pacific Design Center, which will be making its debut this spring. This display embodies our love of mixing traditional and transitional elements with exciting materials and a feast for the eyes with color and pattern.”

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