2019 Emerging Design Award Winner: Anne Carr


CHANGE IS THE catalyst that encourages us to grow. For Anne Carr, that evolution took two steps: leaving behind a career in finance for one in interior design and, four years ago, moving from Connecticut to Los Angeles. Southern California’s design tenets proved fertile ground for the growth of her work. Carr’s latest project, a 1950s-era Mediterranean- style structure that she both renovated and designed, confirms that the metamorphosis is complete.

Take, for instance, the home’s flow, which revolves around a central courtyard. Carr strengthened the connection between the interior and the exterior, taking out a living room wall and replacing it with a 15-foot Fleetwood door that opens the room fully to the outside. The home’s muted neutrals, natural textures and organic shapes are another influence for Carr. “I don’t want the interiors to compete with the beauty of the natural surroundings,” she says.

Occasional flashes of color nod to the landscape; the shape and hue of the living room’s deep teal sofa, positioned within the space’s sandy browns and beiges, conjures up waves lapping at the shore and adds a note of whimsy to the formal area.

Instead of color, Carr now relies on lighting for drama—“I’ve definitely gotten more daring with lighting,” she shares—and her modern leanings have taken a turn for the classic.”I really like the laid-back California look,” she says, “but I like to combine it with traditional elements.” The final result, which integrates East Coast tradition and West Coast innovation, is a home that, like its designer, soars.

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