Out on the Town: Furth Yashar & presents “Peter Shire: Good Taste” at Farrow & Ball


LA’s experimental, pop-up design gallery FURTH YASHAR &, British paint and wallpaper brand Farrow & Ball and California Home & Design hosted a special exhibition for Legends 2019: Peter Shire: Good Taste. Curated by Oliver M. Furth and Sean Yashar at Farrow & Ball, the show celebrates colour as a tool for pushing design boundaries, serving as a catalyst for ending the sculpture/object divide. Peter Shire: Good Taste will be on view at the Farrow & Ball La Cienega Design Quarter Flagship from May 7 – 11, 2019.

Peter Shire: Good Taste celebrates the iconic, Los Angeles-based artist’s significant contributions to dismantling the 20th century hierarchy between decorative and fine arts. Rising to prominence in the 1980s as a founding member of the quintessentially postmodernist design collective Memphis, this show presents a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse into Shire’s active L.A. studio, featuring a cross section of works in medium, scale and colour. This ephemeral installation invites viewers to question their own ideas of what defines art and design, and what constitutes “good taste.” As a primary tool of his practice, Shire’s fearless use of colour as a device to playfully provoke, subvert, transgress and inspire is central to the show’s message.

Gulla Jónsdóttir, Peter Shire
Max Humphrey, Molly Walsh
Kyle DeWoody, Peter Shire, guest
Zehra Ahmed
Penelope Francis, Taylor Anne Abess, Christina Craemer
Meghan Fort, Mary Rochester Gearing , Ebbie Koelle, Molly McDermott Walsh
Sean Yashar, Spencer Rudin
Mayer Rus
Gina Furth, Oliver Furth
Lee Ledbetter, Michael Boodro
Ben Medansky, Adam Silverman, Gerard O’Brien
Lindsey Shook, Sarah Lineberger
Shannon Wollack, Erik Lindstrom, Brittany Zwickl, Nick Grinder
Peter Shire, Kelly Lamb
Oliver Furth, Chelito Villaflor, Chris Albanese
Trina Turk
Oliver Furth, Lindsey Shook, Peter Shire, Sean Yashar

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