Seat Warmer: Apollo is Galanter & Jones’ latest line of heated outdoor furniture


Galanter & Jones, the San Francisco-based company who pioneered heated seating with the introduction of their Helio Lounge in 2012, is debuting the latest addition to their inviting furniture.

The Apollo Chair retails for $900

The new line, dubbed Apollo and created from a proprietary lightweight blend of concrete called Tropostone, has a bulbous and sensual silhouette reminiscent of vintage Oaxacan pottery from the 70s. With their 8 foot cords, the plug-in ready charcoal-colored pieces are poised to add their adjustable warmth to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Apollo Coffee Table, which retails for $300, is unheated.

“We’ve been working to bring manufacturing costs down without compromising the aesthetic, quality, and functionality, and I’m proud to say that we’ve done it.,” says creative director and founder, Aaron Jones. “It opens up the world of heated seating to a wider set of customers,” says Miranda Jones of the pieces which starts at $900 for the chair and includes matching, unheated coffee and side tables and planters. For the full range, seehere.

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