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Dina Bandman of Dina Bandman Interiors shares her story behind the design of “Marie’s Magnolias” – the Queen’s Bedroom inside the 2019 SF Decorator Showcase

Photography by Christopher Stark

The inspiration for this room came from the fact that the home was modeled after Le Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette’s private residence at the Palace of Versailles. We wanted to create a space where the queen might escape the drama of palace intrigues and therefore we chose a soft and feminine color palette to achieve this calming aesthetic.  The room is equally fitting today for the “Modern Marie” – a special refuge for whomever the current lady of the house may be.

Photography by Christopher Stark

The first element I chose for the room was de Gournay’s Magnolia wallpaper with its pale silk background depicting magnolia branches trailing down from the ceiling.  I then commissioned a local sculptor Manuel Palos (known for his work in restoring the Palace of Fine Arts) to create an art installation of magnolia branches ascending the wall onto the ceiling to add a textural element to the room.

Photography by Christopher Stark

There are so many beautiful pieces in this space, from the custom canopy bed to the couture rug by Mark Nelson Designs, but if I had to choose a favorite piece, it would probably be the antique secretary from 1stdibs.  I imagined the queen sitting at this gorgeous desk writing private letters to her court of admirers. The antiqued mirror above the fireplace is another favorite piece and I love the hand-painted marble treatment that Caroline Lizarraga created around the fireplace itself.

Photography by Christopher Stark

Although this room is an ode to a famously extravagant Queen, it’s designed for feel soft and ethereal in tone, with all the grace and luxury you’d expect in a royal retreat.  We’d like to think the Queen would have no issue eating her cake in this room – surrounded by the very finest in royal comforts. – Dina Bandman

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Magnolia Wallcovering by de Gournay

St. Michelle Mirror by Michael Taylor

-Bedding by Julia B. Calais

-Magnolia Ceiling Treatment by Manuel Palos

-Couture Rug by Mark Nelson Designs

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