On Trend: The 2019 Kitchen Report


Life is hectic. Our homes need to be organized for productivity while remaining a soulful reflection of who we are and how we live. In 2019, we’re returning to the basics with highly functional spaces that celebrate and spotlight personal style and accenting them with the beauty of hand-crafted decor. This celebration includes quality materials, curated wares, a mingling of metals, and natural woods and design that reflect the beauty of nature. LouAnn Haaf, Editor in Chief of Cambria Style magazine, focuses on some of her favorite trends taken from the current issue.


The backsplash features Ironsbridge while the countertops are covered with White Cliff. Photo by Jasmin Park, from the pages of Cambria Style magazine.

“The classic all-white kitchen never goes out of style. And with good reason. I mean, what’s not to love? Layers of whites blending seamlessly with grays and warm neutrals create a look that is timeless and inviting. But classic and timeless doesn’t mean that you can’t shake things up a bit with splashes of color on your cabinets and islands. I think you’ll find that once you start injecting that kind of energy, you’ll love it as much as I do.”

Ironsbridge on both the backsplash and countertops. Photo courtesy of Cambria, from the Pages of Cambria Style magazine.

From espresso brown, blues, greens and natural woods, to dark gray and saturated jewel tones, colors that you may have felt were off-limits are popping up in varying cabinet styles in kitchens everywhere. And, I would add, looking absolutely fabulous! Cabinet styles to look for this year? Some of my favorites are floor- to-ceiling cabinets or “walls of storage”, contrasting colors, and hidden storage areas combined with perfectly placed shelves to display dishware and collectibles. I’m also excited about natural woods ranging from a rustic vibe that exudes a wonderful, lived-in quality, to a more modern vertical or horizontal wood grain finish. With hardware, without hardware…it’s all about trying new things, being a little bold, and accentuating your own style.

Greystone brightens this mid-century kitchen. From the pages of Cambria Style magazine.


Whitehall and California dreaming complement the patterned tile. Photo by Karyn Millet, from the pages of Cambria Style magazine.
Fieldstone by Cambria featured in a wood-clad kitchen. Photo by Steve Henke, from the pages of Cambria Style magazine.

Lighting is all about creating a mood that also serves a purpose. And with the wide array of new fixtures now available, you can accomplish both goals with ease at a price point that fits your budget. The key is thoughtful placement for function and letting your imagination run a little wild with style choices. This year’s newest trends include structured fabrics, micah, woven, caged, clear glass in any possible shape, oversized and, my favorite, structural fixtures that literally look like art. Remember, anything goes for those pendants or beautiful linear fixtures hanging over your island and dining table. Don’t be afraid to make a huge statement with your island pendants, they provide a great visual barrier to separate kitchen from living in these open floor plans.  Just remember to combine strategic recessed lighting to illuminate your tasks and voila…form and function come together beautifully.

Queen Anne covers the walls in a dining area designed by Demidovich Design. Photo by Steve Henke, from the pages of Cambria Style magazine.


Jaclyn Peters Design used Brittanicca in this all-white kitchen with black hardware. Photos by Ariana Tennyson Photography, from the pages of Cambria Style magazine.

When it comes to finishes and hardware, monochromatic days are long gone. The sky’s the limit for cabinets and finishes in the kitchen. So what hardware styles will be popping up throughout 2019 and beyond? The rule seems to be there are no rules. Oversized hardware in the form of long streamlined bars that span the length of the drawers and cabinets create a super modern effect. Glass and gunmetal or pewter offer a vintage feel. And when it comes to the question of layering finishes, the answer is yes, please! Gold on that dark island adds instant glamour, but an aged brass on a slightly rustic natural wood freestanding island will provide a super comfy lived in vibe.

Torquay grounds this glamorous kitchen. Photo courtesy of Cambria, from the pages of the Cambria Style magazine.

“Mix different metals such as copper for hardware, brass for fixtures, and silver for finishes for a more laid-back, yet elegant statement. Matte black, gold, aged brass, copper, champagne, pewter and gunmetal are some of the fun finishes that you will begin seeing. Add to that the beautiful pulls that combine textures and finishes, such as leather with metal, and metal combined with various stones. It’s jewelry for your kitchen. And you don’t need to keep all the pulls the same. Switch it up! Make a statement on your island and keep it clean on the perimeter countertops. No pulls are another option, with hidden finger grooves or cutouts and holes where you grab your drawers or doors. If you’re looking for an instant face-lift, switching out cabinet hardware is a quick, easy, and affordable way to get it done.”


A detail of Brittanicca Matte designed by Design by Jean Stoffer. Photo by Stoffer Photography, from the pages of Cambria Style magazine.

“Last year saw the rise of quartz as the preferred countertop material over granite and marble. Here’s why. Quartz is super durable, nonporous, and comes in a wide variety of styles and designs. And with people getting more adventurous and bold with their design choices for the kitchen or bath, the new quartz choices are just what the doctor ordered. Certainly some people will always love solid colored basics. But more and more designers are opting for veining that contrasts against the main shade of the stone.”

Bridgewater featured in a stylish mudroom designed by Jean Stoffer. Photo by Stoffer Photography, from the pages of the Cambria Style magazine.

Mersey is bold in this open kitchen. Photo courtesy of Cambria from the pages of the Cambria Style magazine.

“It’s more random and larger in scale than speckled patterns, leaving ample space between the veining to create dramatic movement. The feel is very organic and natural – without the upkeep you get with granite and marble. Cambria® has everything from gorgeous, marble-like slabs with dramatic veining, to versions that mimic wood grain so accurately you’ll need to take a second look. Cambria also gives you the option to go with a high polish, or a honed matte look that provides the perfect finishing touch. The best part?  Regardless of which design or finish you prefer, you get all the beauty without any of the upkeep that natural stone and grout require. Plus, Cambria is super versatile. Countertops, waterfall islands and full sized backsplashes either in a seamless full slab, or in a butterfly pattern that places two slabs with large veining next to each other to create a stunning mirrored effect are just the beginning.”

Bentley adorns an island. Photo courtesy of Cambria from the pages of the Cambria Style magazine.

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