Raw, Fromental’s latest collection of wallcoverings, is bold and exuberant


Fromental, founded in London in 2005, is known for its breathtaking bespoke hand-painted and hand-embroidered wall-coverings. Utilizing the world’s finest artisans, innovative techniques and luxurious materials, their name conjures up complex chinoiseries, delicate florals and fine murals they’re famous for. But as this design demonstrates, their distinctly British style has another, cheeky, side, blends historic classicism with the cutting-edge cool of London’s fashion scene.

As its name implies, Raw is bold. It channels the concept of pure, untrained creativity and thought; the limbo of the mind and unchanneled reason. Inspired by Maresca Interiors’s collection of Brazilian modern tapestries, it demonstrates the broad brushstrokes of paint on canvas, creating the completely immersive experience the company is known for. Modern and exuberant, it demonstrates why Joe Lucas chose it for the backdrop for his room at this year’s Palm Springs Modernism Week Show House and why Russell Sage picked many of its patterns for Los Angeles’ h Club.

Available in 6 colorways including white on white and shades of gray via Fromental and through Harbinger in Los Angeles.

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