Desert Trip


Oggetti presents a collection of large-scale photos captured in Joshua Tree by famed photographer Jesse Frohman

Cholla Cactus, Joshua Tree, 2019. Archival Pigment Print.

Renowned NYC photographer Jesse Frohman is widely respected for his notable portraits of influential figures including Kurt Cobain and still life photography for several top fashion brands and magazines. His ability to capture subtle details of his subjects is unparalleled.

His latest collection of landscape photographs signifies a new direction in his work, moving out of the studio and into the depths of nature. “I needed to step outside of my comfort zone,” says Frohman. “I mainly work in the studio and wanted to explore something different that would bring a fresh perspective to my work.”

Cholla Two Tones, 2019. Archival Pigment Print.

Frohman captured the beauty and essence of Joshua Tree and the surrounding deserts by immersing himself in the landscape. Many of the photos feature abstract groupings of plants as the subject, much like the way impressionist painters observed color in nature. These large-scale images are intended to remind viewers of the current concern for our environment. “Anytime that the earth is celebrated, it encourages people to indulge in that experience,” Frohman notes. “I often find people walking in nature take it for granted. I hope these still photos on a wall or in a book will allow a viewer to relish in the earth’s beauty and want to protect it more.”

Couture Tree, Joshua Tree No.1, 2019. Archival Pigment Print.

Frohman’s longtime friend Greg Frehling, owner of the furniture line and showroom Oggetti, saw the collection and decided immediately he wanted to feature the work in his showroom. “I have always wanted to work with Jesse as I deeply respect his work,” says Frehling. ““Aside from being beautiful, the subject of nature speaks to so many people at this moment. I also see designers placing large-scale art much more now and knew these images would work in many projects.”

Lichen Trail No. 1, 2019. Archival Pigment Print.

Jesse Frohman’s Landscape collection will be on display at the Oggetti showroom in the Miami Design District beginning in July.

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