Reform Sets Their Sights On Los Angeles


With the average cost of a kitchen renovation heading well north of $50,000, Jeppe Christensen and Michael Andersen figured there had to be a better way. Christensen, who’d been a partner in a carpentry and design business and who also holds a degree in marketing, and Andersen, a former engineer with BIG, Bjarke Ingels’ architectural firm, figured they could do better.

Surface by Norm Architects in Smoked Oak

The result is Reform. The Copenhagen-based cabinetry company, founded in 2014, began by basing its designs on Ikea boxes (they now also sell their own) and offer fronts and countertops. Combining quality construction and materials with flawless function, their selection of finishes range from sleek lacquer to wood to aluminum and brass; their timeless yet forward-thinking and playful designs spring from the minds of such designers and architects as Muller Van Severen, Studio David Thulstrup, Bjarke Ingels Group and Afteroom.

Frame by Note Design Studio in Blue

With showrooms in Copenhagen, Berlin and New York, Reform is now setting their sights on Los Angeles, scouting for space that will allow them to throw open their doors in the city this fall. In the meantime, check out their offerings — which can be delivered all over the US and Canada — here.

The interiors of Basis in white

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