Get Inspired by the Kitchen and Bath Designs at the 2019 San Francisco Decorator Showcase


Every year across the country celebrated designers open the doors to highly anticipated design show house spaces. These spaces represent the creative, innovative and sometimes out-of-the-box designs that help to push interior design forward in unique and unexpected ways. We peek into one of the most celebrated spaces in this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase to uncover the elements that bring one of these breathtaking spaces to life.

Photography courtesy of Kohler Co.


Close your eyes and see the beauty of vibrant florals and smell the fragrant jungle air. Foreign species call out in song, the humid air envelopes you in a peaceful sauna. It’s a paradise made for tranquility and respite. Interior designer Alexis Humiston channeled the exotic in this spa bathroom. The lush tropical landscape wallpaper fills the room with nature and life. This themed wallpaper depicts a vintage paradise, while new floors, elegant stone slabs, and luxurious velvet give the space a refreshed feel.

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At the center of the space, the KOHLER Imperator freestanding bath draws the eye with its elegant curves and stately presence. The gold Purist floor-mount bath filler adorns the bath.  Pulling through the nature and aquatic elements of the space is the unique jewel-like Briolette Vessel faceted glass bathroom sink atop a floating granite counter. Humiston continues the soft gold features with the Purist wall-mount bathroom sink faucet and complimentary console legs.

Photography courtesy of Kohler Co.


Wafting breeze, softly lapping waves, warm sand…the makings for a relaxing day of self-reflection and rejuvenation. Designer Kathleen Navarra uses soft, gentle hues combined with crisp, clean lines to bring a calming sense to the design of the master suite and naturally creates a serene escape for our minds and souls. Seafoam green painted cork wallpaper ground the room’s aesthetic while floating vanities and glass walls keep the space light and airy.

Photography courtesy of Kohler Co.

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The dual vanity spaces are adorned with KOHLER Kensho trough vessel sinks, adding sleek curves to the linear space. Wall-mounted Purist faucets and showering fixtures in gold add a hint of glamour to the softly colorways of this bathroom. Enhancing the natural flow of the room are wall-hung Jute vanities and a wall-hung Veil intelligent toilet, adding to the sense of self-care Navarra weaves into the master suite.

Photography courtesy of Kohler Co.


Your eyes are drawn to the stately centerpiece of the room, you are enveloped in the elegance of the light, the sharp edges, the wispy patterns. The right design can make a small space feel majestic. Sophisticated and elegant, comfortable and inviting. Exquisite details, pops of color, subtle patterns – Gregg DeMeza captures the essence of chic efficiency in his Petite Kitchen creation. Bespoke cabinetry and floating shelves emphasized by soft light give this small space a feeling of grandeur, astutely complimenting the intricate and eloquent stained glass that depicts grape vines quietly enveloping the window.

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The KOHLER Karbon kitchen faucet and Cairn undermount kitchen sink blend seamlessly into the kitchen design, adding function and beauty in a sleek and subtle way.

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