Designer Crush: Evars + Anderson Interior Design Firm


When Nancy Evars and Dimitra Anderson joined forces in 2011, Silicon Valley’s Evars + Anderson Interior Design was born. Eight years later, the full-scale luxury interior design firm continues to create thoughtful residential spaces by offering clients collaborative opportunities to involved in each step of the design process. The team aims to create unique spaces that fit each client’s specific lifestyle needs while reflecting their personal style and identity. Learn more in our Q+A below.

How did you each get your start in design?

After long careers in Marketing (Nancy) and fashion merchandising (Dimitra), both of us started to dabble in interior design as second careers about 15 years ago.  We oversaw our own remodels and our new found passion in the field snowballed from there. After both initially running our own small firms, we found that this shared passion for all things design along with our backgrounds contributed to a unique business offering.  We teamed up almost 10 years ago to create Evars + Anderson Interior Design. 

What is MoxieMade & why did you start a furniture line?

We’ve spent years designing custom furniture for our interior design clients but with expensive labor costs in the Bay Area, we started exploring other markets and opportunities.  That search ultimately led us to creating MoxieMade (—a capsule collection of our favorite upholstery pieces, all fully customizable and made here in the United States. Great design doesn’t have to be expensive.  The MoxieMade collection offers a curated selection of beautiful pieces at a remarkably affordable price point.

How do you balance both businesses?

We are lucky to lead a fabulous group of females – all of us moms and all of us used to juggling busy lives. We all pitch in where needed which makes what we do even more enjoyable and rewarding. Currently we are working on a relaunch of MoxieMade…a new website with a lot more styles, updated pricing and a trade login. We also recently moved into a new showroom in San Carlos, so we’re planning a relaunch party in September. While Nancy is currently focusing most of her time on MoxieMade, Dimitra and team are overseeing the design projects.

How do you define “California style”?

We probably approach “California style” a bit differently than most…our east coast roots play a big role in our blending of California Casual with a little more polish and refinement (yet still family friendly). We love bringing in color, pattern and texture while layering in antiques and unique finds with newer pieces.  We don’t go for the “safe” look and rarely use the same materials or decor elements twice – we like each project to feel unique and speak solely to each homeowner.  

Describe one particularly memorable project and what made it so special.

Last year we competed a full remodel of a Menlo Park home for a busy, young family.  We served as the project manager and point person for the contractor which streamlined the communication with the client and helped the project move along at a faster pace.  It’s a great feeling when our clients ask us to run their project, knowing we have their best interests (and budget) in mind. This same client recently just hired us again to redesign their new Carmel vacation home!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

We both love to travel, finding inspiration in the architecture, materials and overall design aesthetic of place like  New York City, Mykonos, New Orleans, Los Angeles or Cabo San Lucas. We both love staying in boutique hotels in each locale, where the design elements are unique and inspirational at every turn. 

Lightning round! 

Favorite animal?

We both are new dog owners! So we’d have to say our cute little puppies.  Nancy: Maltipoo and Dimitra: Corgi.

First celebrity crush?

Nancy: Rob Lowe.

Dimitra: C. Thomas Howell.

Both from The Outsiders! 

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Dimitra: Oreo.

Nancy: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food.

Go-to karaoke song?

Nancy: “Sister Christian” (Night Ranger).

Dimitra: “Don’t Stop Believing” (Journey).

Are we dating ourselves?? 😉 

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