Made Local: Painting the Town


Portola Paints & Glazes is making a splash with their custom colors crafted in the heart of L.A.

Brothers and partners Jamie and Casey Davis. Photography by Matt Hartz and Reid Rolls.

BORN INTO A FAMILY OF ARTISTS and raised in the Los Angeles design scene, it was only natural that brothers Jamie and Casey Davis turned their passion for color and texture into the highly sought-after Portola Paints & Glazes. Growing up constantly surrounded by different artists, builders and designers had a significant influence on their devotion to design, but it was their father’s idea to import a Lime Wash paint from Australia that was the critical moment that would form the Portola brand. “I found love for color and texture through this experience,” says Casey Davis.

Roman Clay wash seen in a loft by Stephen Kenn.

Their artistic pursuits and family trips along the California coast and Mexico have served as a great source of inspiration. “Through our adventures, I would always see so many different styles of design, colors and architecture,” says Casey. “With anything, like art and music, it’s about constantly reinventing.”

“Being a family-operated business, it’s incredibly important to support local business,” says Casey. “There’s a community that we love to be a part of.” The ability to blend each color by hand combined with the keen mastery to match all of their paints by eye takes “locally made” to a whole new level.

Jamie Davis in the studio.

“A couple years ago we were seeing modern, clean colors in design and no texture. Now we’re seeing a rise of texture with Lime Wash and Roman Clay,” says Jamie. What can we expect from the brothers this fall?
A slew of new colors and fan decks as well as a new North Hollywood showroom, which is part of their expansion strategy that includes a
space for photoshoots and support for their e-commerce launch. – Laiza Cors

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