Designer Crush: Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin


Holistic design practice Farca+Grappin combines architecture, design, and products. Guided by the ideals of Mexican Modernism, founders Ezequiel Farca and Cristina Grappin look to the spacial works of late design icon Luis Barragan for inspiration. The duo’s work focuses on the importance of collaborating with indigenous artisans who work in age-old Mexican crafts, to create environmentally sustainable, indoor/outdoor spaces and furniture, translated through a contemporary luxury lens. Learn more in our Q+A below.

How did you get your start in architecture?

Ezequiel Farca: Studied industrial design, accomplished my master in architecture. Our first project was a ground up house in Puerto Vallarta.

Cristina Grappin: I have a bachelor degree in Architecture which I studied at ITESM Mexico.  I also studied Interior Design in Florence, Italy at Scuola Lorenzo dei Medici.

Photo credit: Roland Halbe]

What’s your process for getting to know a client?

EF: Everything I think about is the experience, and how it relates with the client’s way of living, I ask what is their favorite hotel and what they felt, places they go and enjoy, and most importantly how they spend their daily lives. My goal is to improve their quality of life through design and architecture.

CG: I think that as architects that design homes, we have a great responsibility to get to know our clients as much as we can so that we can design a space that’s closest to being their perfect sanctuary. I think that you need to spend a lot of time in the design process getting to know them, going to their current home, asking the right questions. Each client is a new world, and it also challenges you to do something different in every project, something custom made.

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned since founding Farca+Grappin?

EF: Each client is different and each project is a challenge for us, we are a tailor made architecture end design firm.

CG: You need to enjoy the process, and the process is everything.

What can you tell us about your current renovation of Roscomare House?

EF + CG: This is a gem, mid-century from William Krisel, I got the original plans from the Getty research center. Then I went to Palm Springs and interviewed with him and showed him the renovation.  It was important to respect the original design.

In what ways does Mexican Modernism guide your work?

EF: From Barragan to midcentury, Mexico is very rich in materials, culture and a very special way of living.  We enjoy life and this informs a great part of our design. I would define Mexican modernism as a warm livable architecture, where form follows function.

CG: I agree with Ezequiel, I think the way modernism was expressed in Mexico vs other countries is that it has a richness to each space, even as simple as it can be, you can see detail, craftsmanship and the use of local, natural materials. 

What’s your dream vacation destination and why?

EF: I love traveling in Mexico, every day is an experience, the encounter with the people make all places magical.

CG: I think Japan is always a country that we as designers can learn a lot from…from its traditional architecture, but also understand what new technologies can do. Mexico and India are two other favorites.

Lightning round!

Favorite dessert?

EF: Halva.

CG: Chocolate.

First celebrity crush?

EF: Brooke Shields.

CG: Johnny Depp.

Favorite book?

Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millennium.

CG: The Fountainhead (a little cliché lol).

How do you take your coffee?

EF: Almond milk latte.

CG: I drink tea.

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