Out on the Town: Bound at Coup D’Etat

Photography by Moanlani Jeffrey.

Coup D’etat and California Home+Design welcomed the collections of world renowned designers Jean De Merry and Magni Home Collection to the San Francisco showroom with a glamorous fete.

Darin Geise and Jean De Merry
Jay and Darin Geise, Brooke Magni, James Magni, Jo Campbell Fuji

Guests enjoyed delicious bites and wine from Cultivar while watching a fascinating Shibari presentation. The featured act of binding celebrated the new alliance Coup D’etat recently formed with the iconic collections.

Allison Mackie, Tommy Volmer
Ali Grosslight, Lindsey Shook, Jean De Merry
Martin Kobus, Scott McMahan
Jonathan Rachman
Xander Munroe, Emilie Munroe, Celia Schaefer, Kymberly Henry, Julio Benavides
Candace and Mario Rodighiero
Mike Seeley, Fernando Marfil
Sabrina Shumake, Starla McCreary
Kay Evans, Jean De Merry
Bruce and Alison Damonte, Robert Templon
Pernella Sommerville
Michael Purdy, Kevin Pong, Robin Merwin, Tommy Volmer, Lexie Schutz
Andy Reid, Kelly Hohla
Tom and Todd Eldredge Rodowicz
Darin Geise, Alison Pickart, Tommy Volmer
Michael Hilal, Grant Curtis
Joel Goodrich, Shayevich

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