Save the Date: “Bone Black” at DZINE Gallery


DZINE Gallery Announces the Opening of “Bone Black” – A Group Exhibition Exploring the Intersection Between Logic, Geometry and Instinct

AC/DC Back in Black by Lucky Rapp

DZINE Gallery’s latest group exhibition, Bone Black, opens November 8, 2019. Curated by DZINE Gallery’s Philip Bewley, the show features work by over 25 San Francisco Bay Area artists, with a number of commissioned pieces created exclusively for the exhibition. Bone Black features works of art in various media that explore the intersection between logic, geometry and instinct, and the direct engagement of the ineffable. Bone Black is a winter exhibition; the overarching theme is directly related to this season: long nights, bare branches viewed in thin light, things stripped to their elements. 

Exhibiting artists include: Emilia Burchiellaro, Diane DallasKidd, Kelly DeFayette, Paule Dubois Dupuis, Austin Forbord, Karyn Gabriel, Laura Hapka, Jeanne Hauser, Victoria Mara Heilweil, Howard Hersh, Scott Idleman, Ekaterina Izmestieva, Gina Jacupke, Michele King, Sasinun Kladpetch, Geneviève L’Heureux, Paige Loczi, Catherine Mackey, Heidi McDowell, Jerry McLaughlin, Lian Ng, Jenny Phillips, Carrie Ann Plank, Silvia Poloto, Lucky Rapp, Georgina Reskala, Liza Riddle, Nikki Vismara & Victoria Welling. Artist Liza Riddle is this exhibition’s local maker, presenting a new series of ceramic sculptures colored with soluble metal salts.

Beacon by Scott Idleman

The title of the exhibition, Bone Black, takes its name from a pigment produced over 30,000 years ago in the Franco-Cantabrian region which was used in Paleolithic cave paintings such as at Lascaux. This pigment has been used by artists in a lineage that encompasses the history of art in the Western tradition: artists such as Raphael, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Manet and Richard Serra have all used bone black in their works of art. Rich in contradictory meanings and associations, black is alternately associated with death, the clergy, revolutionaries and the subversive. And yet, for some artists, black is the ultimate neutral element, a “non-color” stripped of meaning to become a vehicle to “hold space.” Bone black in this context becomes what is unspoken, and what is understood intuitively.

Fracture III by Geneviève L’Heureux

The exhibition looks back to prehistory to explore this Paleolithic mind; a pre-Aristotelian viewpoint in which things are experienced for the first time; a synthesis of the natural world and the esoteric; the transcendent moment in the totality of the eclipse; where dance communicates oral histories and a communion with the divine.

Seismic Intercession 2 by Carrie Ann Plank.jpg

DZINE Gallery is a contemporary art gallery working with both established and emerging artists, presenting a new exhibition every six months. The art gallery is a program and division within DZINE, a high-end contemporary furniture showroom that represents over 30 European furniture manufacturers, including kitchen, bath, closet and accessory design. DZINE Gallery represents and promotes artists working in a wide array of media, including painting, photography, mixed media, video work and installation.

Untitled #180707 by Georgina Reskala

The opening night party celebrating Bone Black is on November 8 from 6-9pm and is free and open to the public. DZINE Gallery is located at 128 Utah Street in San Francisco. For more information, visit

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