Watch A. Rudin’s New California-Focused Campaign Video, “80 Miles”


For four generations, Los Angeles-based family-owned business, A. Rudin, has been fabricating custom furniture that bridges the past and future of high-quality, comfortable luxury. Famously, the company’s 120,000 square-foot factory manufactures goods that are “locally-sourced,” meaning each product’s core building materials come from no farther than 80 miles from the company’s downtown L.A. factory. Now, A. Rudin is putting that philosophy into action with the short video,”80 Miles” which vividly highlights how California’s natural beauty and rugged landscape have influenced the climate-smart company’s pieces. 

A.Rudin’s century-long pursuit to design, source, and build as locally as possible was the driving force behind their innovative recycling practices, which have garnered the company numerous awards from the city of Los Angeles, including a mayoral commendation for their contributions to the community and economy of L.A. makers.

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