Designer Crush: Laura Brophy Interiors


Newport Beach firm, Laura Brophy Interiors, specializes in the creation of personal spaces that are as livable as they are luxurious. Brophy calls upon her decade-plus of industry experience to transform each client’s environment in a way that embodies their unique beauty and spirit. Learn more in our Q+A below.

How did you get your start in design? To be honest, my first love was fashion design. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to attend numerous fashion shows during my childhood, and I consistently fell in love with the innovative and impactful designs. My introduction to the interior design world was actually quite a coincidence. Shortly after finishing High School, I visited a reupholstery shop near my parent’s home and completely hit it off with the shop manager; I was so impressed by the amazing variety of fabric prints and textures available. At the end of my visit, the shop manager told me that I should really look into a career in interior design, and offered me the opportunity to work at the shop as a Summer Intern. From there, the rest is history- interior design has been my life.

What’s your process for getting to know a client?I believe that working with clients can be an incredibly intimate experience. Unlike with so many professions, my clients regularly invite me into their personal lives as well as their living spaces and I have always taken this responsibility very seriously. My initial goal when meeting with new clients is to learn about the things that truly matter most to them and to really understand how they live their lives.

How do you describe “California style”? To me, California style is all about beautiful, refined, and sophisticated spaces that feel casual and livable. While most of us love gorgeous, intricately designed spaces, most of my clients would not love living their lives in tight and stuffy spaces, regardless of how beautifully these spaces are designed. For me, California style is all about complex textures, natural finishes, and commanding patterns while integrating stylish and durable materials into the design. Not to get too ethereal, but California style is much more of a mindset than a strict set of guidelines.

Describe a particularly memorable project and what made it challenging/rewarding/etc. I just wrapped up a project in Huntington Beach, California that I am incredibly passionate about. This client’s home is on a golf course two blocks from the beach, so the views are stunning! The architect, home builder, and clients were all a dream, and completing the project was so much fun. The design process wasn’t overly challenging – clear expectations and an aggressive but reasonable timeline was established and agreed upon at the start – which really contributed to the success of the project. The most rewarding part of the project was seeing how excited, overwhelmed, and happy the client was during the project reveal.

Who are some of your biggest professional role models?First and foremost, my most important professional role models have been my incredibly talented colleagues over the last fifteen years. I have been super fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside many talented designers, architects, contractors, and artists. Beyond my colleagues, there are a handful of designers that I absolutely adore and whose work I closely follow. One that definitely stands out is Kelly Wearstler – her incredible sense of fashion and her unwavering commitment to innovative design really speak to me.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Everything! Fashion, architecture, nature, travel, artists, my peers.


Best TV show to binge?

Beverly Hills Housewives – it’s a guilty pleasure.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Oreo/Cookies & Cream for sure. This has been a long time obsession!

First concert?

Blink 182. They’re still one of my favorite bands, but this show was not all that great.

Current celebrity crush?

Bradley Cooper. He’s an actor, filmmaker, director, writer, signer and more! Is there anything this guy cannot do?

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