Designer Crush: Marina Hanisch Interiors


By approaching each design endeavor as a blank slate, Marina Hanisch Interiors adds layers of texture, history, tone, and storytelling to commercial and residential projects. Hanisch herself has honed a distinctive warm modernist style by mixing vintage, contemporary, and custom pieces and a firm belief in the power of emotionally evocative touches. Learn more in our Q+A below.

How did you get your start in design?

I’ve always loved design and started my career working for luxury jewelry and watch brands in the communications departments. I loved all of the creative facets of my job, but distinctly the ability to tell a story and evoke emotion through design, color, texture, and definition. This coincided with me renovating my own home, and having the opportunity to marry my passion for design with my family life…..that was really the beginning of it all and what launched Marina Hanisch Interiors. 

What’s your process for getting to know a new client?

Designing someone’s home is an extremely personal endeavor. Building trust, listening and learning is the most important part of the process. Once I understand the client’s lifestyle, aesthetic, and vision I try to tell their story through my design lens.

What are some examples of the ways you mix vintage, contemporary, and custom pieces?

My goal when designing a space is to create an environment that is dynamic, personal and unique. Mixing in pieces that are vintage, contemporary, and whimsical help create harmony within the environment and bring soul to something otherwise bland. You can always count on finding a spectacular piece of history hanging from the ceiling of one of my projects and an animal staring at you judgmentally from a shelf. I love the hunt and it helps create the perfect balance!

Describe a particularly memorable project.

My first project after starting my firm is probably the most memorable. Reaping the highest emotional value and resulting in the greatest reward. I was designing a two-bedroom apartment in Chelsea, on a beautiful tree-lined block in a historic pre-wall building; with all of the amazing detail to match its age. I had a dream client who believed in my vision and gave me free rein, which was thrilling and exhilarating to be able to push the boundaries and take creative risks. As a result, I designed a unique home enveloped in black lacquer walls, sexy reading nooks, and tons of quirky accents; it’s refined, edgy and very New York City. 

What are some design trends or fads you prefer to avoid and why?

I don’t really follow or avoid trends or fads, I think it’s important to design what you love and what you’re passionate about. If you stick to your instincts, then you’ll achieve the best results that are timeless.

What’s been the most influential music album in your life and why?

“Like a Virgin” by Madonna is one of the most influential albums of my life hands down. She pushes the boundaries on what is “acceptable” and exudes such confidence. She never fails to have me ooh and ah with desire, sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what fashion trend she’ll create, what lyrics she’ll sing, and who she will have on her arm. Her passion, risk taking, and I don’t give an F attitude was one of the first positive public female influences in my life.

Describe your idea of a perfect Sunday, morning to bedtime.

Lazy Sunday all day. I love sleeping in late with my family, making breakfast, and lounging around in our PJ’s until later than I would like to admit. Our weeks are so busy, that spending the day together on Sunday with no urgent plans is sacred. 

Lightning round!

First celebrity crush?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but it would probably be cooler if I said Leonardo DiCaprio.

Favorite clothing brand?

Ulla Johnson and Doen.

Best frozen yogurt topping?

Carob chips.

Movie you could watch 100 times and never get sick of?

Pretty Woman.

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