The Audubon House is Florida’s Newest Instagrammable Experience


From Color Factory to Museum of Ice Cream, Instagram enthusiasts have had their pick of colorful, fun-filled, aesthetically-pleasing playgrounds over the past few years. Now, an educational spin on the Instagrammable experience has opened its doors in Key West, Florida.

The Audubon House is a full room of floor-to-ceiling artwork paying tribute to artist John James Audubon, who portrayed over 22 species of birds in their true life size form in the Florida Keys. The exhibit is the brainchild of interior designer Sasha Bikoff who was inspired by Audubon’s dedication to Florida’s environment.

Tropical vibes permeate the scene with details like neon-pink astro turf flooring and hand-painted wallpaper that presents a three-dimensional feel. The space is topped with flowers hanging from the ceiling and holograms of hummingbirds, White Headed Pigeon Doves, a Tern, and a Louisiana Heron appear to fly overhead. In the center of the room, sits a one-of-a-kind bright key lime couch designed by Bikoff specifically for this space, and on each end of the room, life-like birds are perched in vintage cages.

Built between 1846 and 1849, the Audubon House was slated for demolition in 1958 when fate intervened. Influenced by local folklore surrounding John James Audubon’s connection to the home, Mitchell Wolfson and his wife Frances stepped in to save it. After a two-year restoration, The Audubon House Museum opened in 1960, commemorating Audubon’s 1832 visit to Key West and sharing his artwork. The Mitchell Wolfson Family Foundation continues to care for the property and its tropical gardens, which is now a renowned Florida Keys venue for weddings and events. The family partnered with creative director Cori Mizrahi Wolfson to continue the family tradition of each adding distinct personality to each piece of the Audubon House.

The Audubon Experience is now open to the public and available to visitors of The Audubon House and Tropical Gardens from 9:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. daily. Tickets to the house and its gardens cost $14.00, discounts are available for Florida residents. Find out more at

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