Blue Christmas


Classic Blue, Pantone’s color of the year, is certainly timeless. But, in the right hands, it can be also be surprising, as these designs and products demonstrate

Heath Ceramics is known for the dense hues and their way with blue is no exceptions. Check out the 3 x 12v Classic Field Tile in Opal blue, Bay blue and two archived glazes, above, or their Stillwater bowl and napkin set, below.

It has been said that there are blue people and there are green people. Interior designer Alison Pickart makes a case for the former, quickly subverting any notion that blue is boring in this exuberant master bathroom.

The Yves Klein’s IKB coffee table looks simple but its construction is the very definition of luxury: each table is flown in from Paris and hand-filled with over 44 pounds of powdered Yves Klein blue pigment. It’s a pop of color that packs a punch. Available through Collectioni in Beverly Hills.

For something a little less complex, try Emmemobili Birignao Side Table, made of solid Hemlock wood, designed by Ferruccio Laviani.

Los Angeles’ Sushi Note, dubbed one of the Best New Restaurants of 2019, threads blue throughout the space‚Äôs cozy and intimate design. 

Cole & Son‘s Pearwood Collection celebrates their design history. Paying homage to the design house’s extensive block print archive and their pioneering print techniques, the collection takes its name from the fruit wood blocks originally used by founder, John Perry. The wood was selected for its relative hardness, which allowed for cutting intricate details, and its durability, ensuring that patterns, such as Pavo Parade shown below, could be reproduced numerous times yet retain their beauty and quality.

Marcel Breuer’s design for the Wassily chair took a classic design — the club chair — and reinvented it in a scribble of lines and planes. In blue, rather than in dark brown or black leather, it further upends expectations. Available through Knoll.

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