Get a Taste of Vietnam in Palo Alto at Tam Tam Restaurant


Fans of of Palo Alto’s Tamarine Restaurant & Gallery will be stoked to know the proprietors of that local favorite have just debuted a new Vietnamese gastronomic destination: Tam Ram Restaurant. Located in downtown PA, Tam Tam showcases the regional diversity of Vietnam’s cuisine, including light and balanced flavors from Hanoi, colorful dishes and spices of Huế, and fruits, vegetables, and herbs of Saigon.

Proprietors and sisters, executive chef Tammy Huynh and Tanya Huynh Hartley were inspired to create a space where guests can explore regional Vietnamese dishes and flavors.

Photo credit: Caroline Tudor

Executive chef Huynh blends traditional dishes and flavors from her childhood with her own contemporary approach to Vietnamese cuisine. Balancing savory and sweet flavors and the textures of fresh fruits and vegetables, Huynh uses aromatic herbs and spices to capture her appreciation for Vietnamese food. The menu features dishes like uni & crab cupcakes, Tam Tam Restaurant’s version of the Banh Khot dish that originated in Vung Tau, a fishing village in South Vietnam where the Huynh family is from. The menu also showcases entrees from various regions in Vietnam, such as the Bo Luc Lac (Sizzling Beef) from South Vietnam and the Bun Cha (Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles) from North Vietnam.

Photo credit: Caroline Tudor
Photo credit: Caroline Tudor

Tam Tam Restaurant also features artwork that reflects the culture and history of Vietnam through paintings by Vietnamese artists such as Phuong Quoc TriLe Ngoc TuongMinh Long, and Ho My An.

Tam Tam Restaurant is located at 140 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, 94301. Call (650) 322-8000 or visit to make a reservation.

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