Working From Home? 15 Tips From Designer Laura Muller to Owning Your Time Away From the Office


Many experts are saying, we will survive this isolation if we make some time for ourselves. Even if you are living and working in an apartment with your family, there are ways to maintain a healthy daily routine.

With over sixty years of combined experience, founders of Los Angeles firm Four Points Design Build, Laura and Cliff Muller, have navigated multiple projects as a husband and wife team. Here, Laura provides tips on how to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your business.

Working from home can be tricky for those of us accustomed to going into an office.  In order to be productive it’s important to give yourself a platform for success. Part of what makes us productive at work is that we get into work mode in an office, the same way we power down when we leave the office. It can be tempting to flow from personal to business activities. But the same way we’ve learned that our brains can’t truly multi-task, our brains are also not good at multi-doing. 

Get started the same way you would work in the office, and move through your day seamlessly.  Here’s what I recommend:

1. Set your alarm and get up as you would on a work day.
2. Keep your usual routine.  If you read the paper, do it; morning workout, keep it up; lazy time with coffee and your favorite morning show, stick with your regularly scheduled programming.
3. Get out of bed and dressed, and not in sweat pants.  Being in work clothes can get you in the right mind-set.  Save those for step 15.
4. Make the bed! This will signal both that you are getting your day going and that your bed is closed for business during waking hours.

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