Chad Dorsey Debuts STRIKE, a Collection of Fireplaces


The rich and diverse California landscape has often served as inspiration for the work of iconic artists, architects and designers. From the rugged mountains, rocky shores, vast desserts, vine covered hills and Redwood forests to the bustling cities and glamour of Hollywood, California is truly for dreamers. When Dallas designer Chad Dorsey opened a second outpost in LA, he was awestruck by the Golden State’s beauty but even more enchanted with the “anything is possible” mentality.

Chad Dorsey. Photo by Chris Plavidal.

Trained as an architect, his foray into interiors was defined by a mission to create spaces that have a fluid relationship to the architecture where proportion, light and scale are essential. His passion for interior architectural details is evident in each project where soft palettes, handcrafted pieces and personal objects complement structural elements like archways and fireplaces.

Dorsey’s signature relaxed luxury style at a home in LA. Photo by Nathan Schroder.

Dorsey’s adept knowledge of these details coupled with the attitude and landscape of California sparked a creative flame that led him to create STRIKE, an exquisite collection of fireplaces in luxurious stone surfaces, now available to consumers and to the trade through Chad Dorsey Design Studio.

Each piece of the collection while modern, feels as if it were excavated in its existing form, ages ago. The substantial materiality, scale and proportions are unexpected and impactful, creating a heroic sculptural moment in any space. “When designing the STRIKE collection, I was inspired by the different experiences an explorer might have when traveling across California,” says Dorsey. ” I wanted the first collection to reflect this diversity and a sense of subtle luxury.” Here, Dorsey shares insights on the moment that inspired the creation of the collection and more.

A project in Dallas by Chad Dorsey Design. Photo by Cody Ulrich.

What one moment inspired you to launch the collection?   Honestly, I have been designing custom fireplaces for years for my projects.  However at one particular project, the firebox was off center in the room, but I wanted the furniture and the mantel to be centered visually.  Therefore, I designed an asymmetrical piece to fit the space.  It was inspired by the movement of the sea so I named it after my California home base in Malibu. Once the design was complete, I realized the only other fireplace/mantels available in stone are typically traditional, thus came STRIKE—a modern, relaxed, yet elegant and luxurious fireplace/mantel collection.

What has been the biggest challenge you faced while designing or installing a fireplace/mantle in a project?    My experience in both architecture and construction has taught me a lot over the years. I can walk into a space and immediately see what will work and will not, so designing and installing isn’t an issue.  I believe the biggest hurdle is communicating visually to clients and other designers how impactful these pieces are. Each design is very unique and has a completely different personality. From material to the finishes each has an amazing affect.

Big Sur

Is there a specific aesthetic or design movement that inspired the creative direction of the collection?   The STRIKE design direction was inspired by the relaxed feel of small towns in California.  


Where is the stone sourced from? All over— Italy, South America, New England and Mexico.


Where are the fabricators? The fabrication is done in Mexico and can be shipped directly to a designer’s installer or project.


Do you have a favorite piece? If so, which one and why?  I love BIG SUR. The details in the materials and the base/hearth of the fireplace/mantel has a revel at the bottom so it appears as if it’s standing on the edge looking over into the Pacific.

Do you plan to expand the collection and work with different materials?  I am always designing, as new ideas come to mind, I will be looking for other ways to introduce new pieces to the collection.  And fireplace accessories are also in the works.

Sea Ranch

The STRIKE collection is currently available in nine stone finishes—White, Poseidon, Pewter, Nero, Montclaire. Danby, Cream, Charcoal, and Breccia Nuvole. Designs are made-to-order with a lead time of 8-10 weeks.

For product inquiries and orders, contact Chad Dorsey Design, 310.498.4266 – Los Angeles; 214.668.8060 – Dallas

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