A Positive Perspective from Orlando Diaz Azcuy


Founder and former principal designer of the internationally acclaimed firm ODADA, Orlando Diaz Azcuy is a global design icon. With over fifty years in the industry, his sophisticated, modern and detailed approach to design has graced homes across the world and inspired the careers of many.

Perhaps it’s Azcuy’s extensive experience or his zest for life that have properly prepared him for the current crisis. Now at the helm of his own firm, here, he shares how he is staying positive so that he can continue bringing beauty to this earth.

The designer.

How are you keeping yourself and your team positive during this time? 
My team and I are staying isolated but also staying virtually connected. However, with all this time I’ve been accomplishing quite a bit during the day. I just presented my new collection to Fuse Lighting. I’m solving problems for clients on facetime. I’m finishing my country house for publication. And in my down time, I’ve been watching the Metropolitan Opera’s recording of Philip Glass’ Akhnaten.

Orland Diaz’ own home. Photo by Nathan Kirkman

Is your firm still actively working? If so, what has been the biggest challenge working from home?
Yes, I am still actively working, as is my former firm ODADA – in fact, they’re busier than ever. Working from home has not been a great challenge- working with international clients and traveling so much has been great training for working remotely.

What has pleasantly surprised you about your team during this time?
The anxiety that clients often feel about the interior design process has actually become patience given the uncertain nature of the world at the moment. I think the perspective of things has forced us all to be a lot more patient with one another.

A project in Carmel. Photo by Matthew Millman.

How do you believe this global shift will change the design industry?
With more and more designers learning to work remotely, I think working from home and staying connected digitally is the future of interior design business. Having worked with clients remotely and overseas for years, it’s no great surprise that this is the direction the industry is taking.”

Work in Central Park West. Photo by Matthew Millman.

You have been in this business for some time, what hope can you give other designers in business? 
It’s important to remember that there is always an upside to everything. This is not the first time our community has faced such adversity – we come back stronger every time.

East Hampton project. Photo by David Duncan Livingston.

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