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In an effort to continue bringing the design community resources to “Shop From Home,” we decided to ask fine art wallcovering artist, Sarah Von Dreele to share with us her current obsessions. Her beautiful collections, both vibrant and soothing, are taken directly from her dreamy, original pantings. Here, she shares how life is in quarantine while working and taking care of her nine year old daughter as well as a few products that have made to her must-have list.

After spending ten weeks at home, my daughter announced that her bedroom was due for a fourth grader upgrade. She said, “more modern mom, more grown up.” She then proceeded to announce she chose one of the wallcovering patterns from my new collection but of course wants a custom color. Named not after myself but after my best friend who is an avid sailor, the Sarah pattern that reminds me of ocean creatures.

New Sarah wallcovering in Storm by Sarah Von Dreele.
Sarah wallcovering in storm.

This past winter, I brought my daughter with me to several showroom events. She doesn’t mince words when it comes to what she is drawn to, especially when looking at fluffy poufs. As she grows up, I want her to develop a visual voice, appreciate the value of timeless design, and take responsibility for her own space. Having a few nice pieces doesn’t mean that Legos aren’t strewn all over the floor, but her space should be a flexible framework which grows up with her rather than being temporary.

Do you work from home in your living room or dining room? When painting works on paper, the dining room works best, although I am looking forward to seating nine of my closest friends. For now, it is covered in a heavy, cotton muslin drop cloth to absorb the gouache when I miss the paper. I’ve been hand painting fabric prototypes in preparation for my upcoming Fall 2020 textile collection and usually like to spread the yardage out on the floor, starting in the living room and spilling out into a long hallway. 

Which did you more identify with during quarantine: The bag of popcorn you ate half of last week that’s been sitting on your stack of unread magazines, or the high heels you’ve been wearing around your apartment to feel fancy? For video meetings and interviews, it is a great excuse to put myself together—all dressed up and nowhere to go, but it is a nod to normal. My nine year old daughter insists on picking out my lipstick (within reason, of course). 

What are three binge-worthy TV shows/Movies that you’ve been watching? My daughter has been reading Little House on the Prairie and discovered the television series that I loved as a child. I’m kind of obsessed with it now and want Melissa Gilbert’s long locks. I think we’ve watched the entire library in the last month. 

What were the last three things you panic bought on Amazon? Slime making supplies, jacquard textile paint and Nespresso pods. That’s a pretty accurate window into what’s been happening over here.

What’s your favorite quarantine candle scent? Hands down grapefruit. I am never without Jonathan Adler’s grapefruit candle. It is such a soothing scent and reminds me of SoulCycle, which I miss a lot. I drank the kool aid really hard a few years ago!

When you do decide to shower, what is your skin regimen? I am loyal to Mario Badescu products which have served me well for the last 15 years. The Enzyme Cleansing Gel is very gentle, and the Drying Lotion is a magical eraser. 

Which 20 second chorus do you sing while washing your hands? Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time or Beyonce’s Love on Top? Britney. Fun fact, one of my early graphic design projects was designing a Random House book for the then 17 year old Britney Spears. 

What’s one ingredient you put in everything? A sprinkle of Maldon sea salt. It’s so crunchy and makes everything special, even fruit.

What is your secret talent? The Spider Drill, a basketball ball handling exercise I learned in fourth grade.

Favorite piece of clothing you own? So hard! Now that it is getting warmer on the East Coast, I tend to work dressed in a rotation of Poupette St. Barth rompers. With all the patterns, if a little paint spills on them, it doesn’t really matter. 

What is the last book you read? Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking. I cook. A lot.

Here are a few of Sarah Von Dreele’s current obsessions from California:

-The Anenome small table lamp by Best & Llyod; available at Hewn

-The Chinois Chest by Madeline Stuart; available at Thomas Lavin

-The Diva Stool by Azadeh Shladovsky; available at De Sousa Hughes

Ink Stripe by Collett Zarzycki for Christopher Farr; available at De Sousa Hughes

-The Bookcase Galet by Liaigre; available at Thomas Lavin

Ballerina Bunnies by Maileg USA; available at Maisonette

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