Tech Talk with Carter Oosterhouse


As host of many home improvement shows including Trading Spaces, Carter CanRed Hot & Green to Million Dollar Rooms, Celebrity Motor Homes and The Great Christmas Light Fight, Carter Oosterhouse knows a thing or two about efficient renovating. Here, he shares a collection of new high-tech tools and systems that he is currently using across a variety of projects as well as at home.

“I find myself waiting a lot these days for paint to dry and the Graco Cordless Sprayer cuts down on the job time immensely. I don’t have to deal with cords and hoses, and it makes the painter a lot more mobile.”

“I’m always looking for ways to cut down on energy costs and the Wiser Energy Home Monitor does exactly that. It tells me in real-time how much energy my house is using and where the energy is being consumed from. It even works with my appliances that are not “smart”. I can quickly figure out if there’s a problem, such as the refrigerator door being left open.”

“I’m always reviving old batteries and I just had the pleasure of using the NOCO Boost Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Pack slick little jump starter the other day. It was so strong yet small enough to no get in the way or feel intimidating. I would highly recommend this unit as a safety backup for cars, boats, lawn mowers, etc.”

“The M18 HackZall Recip Saw really cuts through the rest. It has lithium ion battery for a light weight, long lasting project. Plus, it’s ergonomically fitted for most home projects and even lightweight professional jobs. Sawzall’s are one of my favorite tools and when I switched to the battery powered, it made my headaches go away.”

“I’m always cleaning the outdoors (it’s what I do) and I’ve found this Simpson Mega shot power washer to be the best over the last few years. It always seems to get the job done the right way and doesn’t break down over time. The fittings are adjustable for the right job, whether it’s cleaning concrete patios or washing the car.”

“An impact driver gets me every time. I just love the size, weight, and simplicity of the  Makita brushless 18v lithium-ion cordless impact driver. It’s always up for a long day on the job site and when you buy the right bits, it has multiple functions. The Makita is lightweight and the battery seems to last forever. It’s so common in my house that it lives in the kitchen next to the knife set!”

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