“Reflections” a Digital Exhibit by Mary Little


On virtual view now until October 15, 2020 is Mary Little’s Reflections, a digital exhibition that presents a very personal and comprehensive selection of the artist’s signature textile pieces that interact with light and gravity.

Little’s first-ever digital show, features nine works showcased within the space of Estudio Persona. Each piece is available now for purchase, with twenty percent of each sale benefitting the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, a non-profit that provides individualized social, emotional and academic support to young people (“Dreamers”) from under-resourced communities. “Imagine being able to contribute towards giving young individuals hope that they can be self-reliant and can create a future in their own vision,” says Little.

Accompanying the exhibit is personal essay that Little wrote, sharing insights into her life which began in Belfast, all the way to her current experience living in California.

“At age 10, February 7, 1969, my sisters and I are picked up after school and driven to a new home. In just one day, my family had moved from a farm by the sea, surrounded by our wider family of farmers— to Belfast. This was a month before ‘The Troubles’ flared up.

At my new primary school in Belfast, I learned from the school kids that I had an accent. As I laughed with them, I learned to love my accent. At age 15, shopping in Belfast after school, in the run-up up to Christmas, I was walking quickly away from a bomb scare. Then suddenly, we’re being told to go the other way. “Don’t run. Quick, run!” It was confusing. There were bomb scares in multiple shops. As soldiers herded us along the road I wondered, “How can we know if any are real? Where is everyone going?”

Please visit the artist’s site HERE to tour the show and learn more about her work.

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