Designer Crush: Pulp Design Studios


With offices in Seattle, Dallas and now L.A., Pulp Design Studios approaches each project by blending their own global perspective with the clients’ personalities and desires. Their multi-faceted firm manages the entire process from conception to completion, transforming spaces into hubs of creativity, memory-making and much more. Here, the dynamic duo shares more about their process and how they manage cross-country design.

What is the biggest challenge running your design business across LA, Seattle and Dallas? (Carolina) To be honest, it’s not hard at all! We’ve been working on projects out of state and out of the country since our commercial and hospitality design days, so it comes pretty naturally. If we had to identify any difficulty, it would be making sure we time the projects and deadlines in advance, but that’s something we do naturally. Technology really has afforded us ease in providing full-service design all across the country.

Do the aesthetics change per region, if so how? (Beth) Absolutely! Our clients on the West Coast tend to be much more modern-leaning, while our clients in the South are a bit more transitional. We also work all over the country on client’s primary residences and second homes for our clients. From Hawaii to New York, our projects can have island vibes or have a European pied-à-terre flair. I think the one thing that holds true is that most of our clients in the West come to us because we have an added flair to the standard contemporary aesthetic and our clients in the South come to us because we have a more modern take on traditional. It’s that Pulp signature “flair for the unexpected” that draws our clients to us.

-​Which other designers or creatives inspired your career the most and why? (Beth) A fellow California designer, Kelly Wearstler, has been a huge inspiration to us. We’ve been a fan of hers since before she was a giant in the interior design industry. Her bold and unapologetic style is inspiring, but we also love the product mix. We just launched our second licensed textile collection with S. Harris, as well, and I think in many ways Kelly Wearstler paved the path for that business model.

(Carolina) Thomas O’Brien has been a huge inspiration to me. He has a very mature and classic style that is timeless. He also paved the way for creating product collections in collaboration with top manufacturers, which we hope to continue to build on for Pulp Design Studios.

-​Any brands or furniture/decorative artists you are obsessing over?
(Carolina) We love William McLure, who is based in Alabama. We have commissioned some incredible abstract pieces of art with him, one of which was the largest commission he’s ever done. He had to fly out to stretch it on-site for our client because it was too large to ship.

(Beth) He also works closely with sculptural artist, Kevin J McLean, who creates the most beautifully haunting sculptures.

How have you shifted your business in a positive way as a result of the pandemic? (Beth) Yes! There really wasn’t a choice if we didn’t want to be paralyzed by this crisis. We have adopted a system of hyper-management in product tracking for our clients and we’ve been focusing more on custom and local than we ever have. We chose to continue to order products to support our manufacturers. And, to support our artisans, we even commissioned client gifts from LA based, The Wooden Pallet. It went a long way to let our clients know we are still hard at work during the health crisis, while supporting small businesses during the economic crisis.


Favorite design showroom/gallery in LA?
(Carolina) We absolutely love Lindstrom Rugs. – Carolina V Gentry
(Beth) Fabricut Showroom! Our collection with S. Harris can be found there.

Favorite design book?
(Carolina) Live Beautiful by Athena Calderon (Beth) Wild Interiors By Hilton Carter

Guilty TV pleasure right now?
(Beth) I am about to dig into “Lovecraft Country”! (Carolina) “Below Deck Mediterranean”

If you weren’t designers, you would be?
(Beth) A serial entrepreneur and small business consultant.
(Carolina) A fashion designer, I’ve always wanted a line of unique t-shirts.

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