Luxury Living Group Goes Digital


Prior to the pandemic, world-renowned lifestyle furniture company Luxury Living Group, was looking ahead to the future with the development of a multi-faceted platform that enables clients to experience their dynamic collections in digital form. The registration-only portal was in the works for some time but launched officially in response to the cancelation of 2020 Salone del Mobile in Milan.

On the platform, clients can explore collections from FENDI Casa, Bentley Home and Trussardi Casa with over 50 new pieces and dynamic content that helps tell the story of each brand’s design approach and much more. Videos accompanied by 360-degree photorealistic rooms help translate the beauty and scale of each collection. We connected with Luxury Living Group’s CEO, Renato Preti to discuss the new digital initiative and the future of their global offering.

New dining and living collections from Bentley Home.

Tell us what inspired the development of the new platform, prior to the pandemic? What for sure inspired the new platform is the strong need to feel closer to all our consumers (business partners, designers and end-users) all over the world, allowing them to experience our creations through a brand new approach which was even more necessary due to the pandemic. Luxury Living Group was already thinking about a digital approach, but the cancellation of the Salone del Mobile and the Covid-19 pandemic gave us a boost to implement the new tool quickly.

Key pieces from Trussardi Casa’s new collection.

What has been the response to the experience so far? The platform allowed select partners to experience first-hand novelties from our major brands, exploring collections in the same way as a physical fair.  Through the digital platform, customers discovered not only the aesthetics of each products but also details, functionality and materials. The response from our partners’ community has been incredibly positive. We found that customers feel very comfortable buying products remotely. Even if they were not able to see and touch the product, the digital tools were so comprehensive that customers felt secure to buy anyway.

New sofas, armchairs and tables from Bentley Home.

Do you feel this will be an on-going channel for presenting new collections? The pandemic of 2020 accelerated a historical phase of change that already began for Luxury Living Group. The digital transformation process is no doubt irreversible. This is a radical challenge that will deeply modify our approach to the market, paving the way for new creative and business opportunities. 

A view of the Presidential writing desk and Wickham sofa and armchairs,
new from Bentley Home.

Trade shows will remain key aspects for Luxury Living Group, as well as the opportunities that physically present our new collections. The Group will invest to be omni-channel, offering customers an integrated experience. This new approach will enable us to improve the contact we have with consumers. Visitors attending fairs have more time to review products and make a more conscious and informed purchases while consumers (especially prospects) not able to attend a fair, will be able to virtually view collections in detail, discovering products from home.     

FENDI Casa’s new Lambert bed, bedside tables and bench.

-How will the platform engage with your showrooms? During this time of severe travel restrictions, our showrooms had the ability to use content created for the digital platform to contact consumers, satisfying their buying needs. Our sales and design associates were able to schedule one-on-one appointments and guide their private customers and designers through the new collections sharing the most relevant content.

The Montgomery Lite and Ray sofas from FENDI Casa.

What has been the greatest success as a result of launching the platform? The digital platform represents a stepping-stone for the Group. We improved the relationship of trust with our partners and customers offering an innovative experience that helped them to preserve their business with us even in critical moment such as a worldwide pandemic. In this way we reinforced business relationships event without the opportunity to meet our community for a long time.   

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