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Passion for travel is one of the core characteristics at the heart of San Francisco designer and showroom owner, Jeannie Fraise’s aesthetic. Her playful and colorful approach is what makes her unique perspective stand out in what often seems like a sea of monotone neutrals. Designed like a charming apartment, her Potrero Hill showroom Lotus Bleu is a reflection of her love for pieces that transport one to an exotic location. Here, she shares a few new finds that define the signature Lotus Bleu style.

What inspired you to start Lotus Bleu?  My love of connecting and collaborating with artisans locally and internationally, especially those using time-honored techniques and putting a modern twist on them.

Which Bay Area designer is inspiring you the most right now? I am in love with the ceramic work of Linda Fahey of Yonder.  The backsplash tiles she did for Regan Baker’s kitchen at this year’s SF Decorator Showcase are incredible (as is Regan’s kitchen design, such an of-the-moment take on California Mediterranean design).  I am coveting an incredible pair of urns and a playful snake from it that she hand-painted with whimsical organic forms.

Can you share one major change in our industry that you hope will come out of the pandemic? That people will really understand and appreciate the concept of home as sanctuary. We are known for our colorful, playful approach to design and creating interiors that make people feel good in their homes, and we need that more than ever right now.  

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?  French Polynesia, where we are heading for three months in November now that school is remote and air quality in CA has been so compromised due to the devastating fires.  My husband is French and grew up on the island of Madagascar and we’ve always wanted to spend a semester in a French-speaking country with our children.  I can’t wait to learn about their colorful tropical textiles and to study mid-century tiki culture and its complicated history.

What are you most excited about that is arriving soon? We just launched a beautiful curated collection of vintage and sustainable rugs and pillows made of rugs from Morocco made by women in the Atlas Mountains.  A little later this fall, we will be adding some gorgeous blankets made by an artisan collective I visited outside of Marrakesh last year.


The Ridha Rug Pillow

-Illi Rug Pillow

Zemmour Vintage Rug

The Azilal Vintage Rug

Neutral Suzani Ottoman

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